Scammed by methodman90

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by Mission IMpossible, Dec 18, 2015.

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    methodman90 posted that he needed an etsy bot made here. I contacted him and he asked me to add him to his skype.

    I told him the tat as 10 days and he agreed. I started work on the project on 5 december(the day we first chatted) and finished it on 12th and asked him to come on teamviewer, so he can see the bot working. After few hours he replies me with if he should give the work to someone else, when I've already told him that the bot is complete. Then he didn't reply for 3 days and then asks me on 15th if I've completed it. I reply I've completed it.

    Then he stopped replying me. Today I told him if he doesnt reply I will open shitlist thread and he replies me that he has given the work to someone else. He gave the work to someone else after I told him that the bot is completed.

    Below is the skype log:

    [05-12-2015 08:35:43 AM] *** Me would like to add you on Skype
    etsy bot ***
    [05-12-2015 01:55:04 PM] *** ********* ****** has shared contact details with Me. ***
    [05-12-2015 01:57:04 PM] ********* ******: Hi
    [05-12-2015 01:57:16 PM] Me: Hello
    [05-12-2015 01:57:17 PM] ********* ******: What language you'd use to create a bot for etsy for me?
    [05-12-2015 01:57:22 PM] Me: c#
    [05-12-2015 01:58:12 PM] ********* ******: Is it ok if I pay at the end of the project, when you can actually show me it works via tw? then half before and half after i got it in my hands. payment by paypal or western union. I will receive full source code, no rights to sell it.
    [05-12-2015 01:59:01 PM] Me: Is half before half after ok with you?
    [05-12-2015 01:59:16 PM] ********* ******: yup but once is done and I can see it by tw
    [05-12-2015 01:59:18 PM] ********* ******: as said...
    [05-12-2015 01:59:26 PM] Me: What is tw?
    [05-12-2015 01:59:31 PM] ********* ******: teamviewer..
    [05-12-2015 01:59:59 PM] ********* ******: Screen share program
    [05-12-2015 02:00:04 PM] Me: Yeah I know
    [05-12-2015 02:00:07 PM] ********* ******: I must be able to see it working as per said before paying my half..
    [05-12-2015 02:00:11 PM] ********* ******: that's what I'am saying
    [05-12-2015 02:00:35 PM] Me: What do you want the bot to do
    [05-12-2015 02:00:47 PM] ********* ******: First things first, do you agree with that?
    [05-12-2015 02:01:06 PM] Me: How much are you paying for it?
    [05-12-2015 02:01:48 PM] ********* ******: I will pay 350$ but it doesn't even need to the things I described in the thread. (if I described any at all, i don't remember even).
    [05-12-2015 02:02:24 PM] Me: Ok I agree
    [05-12-2015 02:02:51 PM] ********* ******: So you agree with this process: with the fact that first you do it as per said, then you show me it, I pay half, I get source code, then I pay the other half?
    [05-12-2015 02:03:19 PM] Me: Yup
    [05-12-2015 02:03:34 PM] ********* ******: Ok, from how many years you code?
    [05-12-2015 02:03:39 PM] Me: 2 years
    [05-12-2015 02:04:04 PM] ********* ******: Will you be able to make it multithread, fast and lightweight, and being able to bind proxies to each account?
    [05-12-2015 02:04:24 PM] Me: Yeah
    That's all. Aside from the fact as said it must be multithreaded,light and being able to bind to 1 or more accounts X proxie.
    [05-12-2015 02:09:54 PM] Me: You will be providing spinned text?
    [05-12-2015 02:10:20 PM] ********* ******: Ahm, are you asking me if I'll be using spinned text?
    [05-12-2015 02:14:54 PM] Me: Ok
    [05-12-2015 02:15:43 PM] ********* ******: But wordai seems to me a spinner
    [05-12-2015 02:16:00 PM] ********* ******: I don't need a text spinner, just be able to use my already spinned text in the bot
    [05-12-2015 02:16:26 PM] Me: Ok
    [05-12-2015 02:17:02 PM] ********* ******: TAT from today?
    [05-12-2015 02:17:12 PM] Me: Just a minute analysing it
    [05-12-2015 02:17:18 PM] ********* ******: ok
    [05-12-2015 02:26:15 PM] ********* ******: We could skip it if everything else is ok.
    [05-12-2015 02:26:19 PM] Me: ok
    [05-12-2015 02:28:11 PM] ********* ******: Will you be able to do that?
    [05-12-2015 02:28:27 PM] Me: Yes,
     Did you understand the setup that I'm saying?
    [05-12-2015 02:29:30 PM] Me: ok
    [05-12-2015 02:29:39 PM] Me: I'm listing things that you want
    [05-12-2015 02:30:20 PM] Me: You will add the accounts right?
    [05-12-2015 02:36:59 PM] ********* ******: Ok then that's all
    [05-12-2015 02:37:52 PM] Me: we have to separate the bot in two parts for that
    [05-12-2015 02:38:14 PM] ********* ******: ok np
    [05-12-2015 02:38:48 PM] Me: Ok, I will contact you if I have to ask any questions
    [05-12-2015 02:45:00 PM] ********* ******: By the way: I could pay 400$.. if you're able to do that: at the start of each sessions of messages, the account follows a random user, and "favourite" a random item.
    [05-12-2015 02:45:45 PM] Me: By the way: I could pay 400$.. if you're able to do that: at the start of each sessions of messages, the account follows a random user, and "favourite" a random item.Ok I will add that feature also
    [05-12-2015 02:46:00 PM] ********* ******: It's ok. that means that when it finish the list of accounts.. it stops
    [05-12-2015 02:46:11 PM] ********* ******: so I restart manually after 24 hours
    [05-12-2015 02:48:32 PM] ********* ******: yes
    [05-12-2015 02:48:35 PM] Me: Ok
    [05-12-2015 02:48:51 PM] Me: You are online everyday?
    [05-12-2015 02:49:13 PM] f********* ******: yes 3-6 hrs
    [05-12-2015 02:49:16 PM] Me: ok
    [05-12-2015 02:49:44 PM] ********* ******: avg TAT?
    [05-12-2015 02:49:53 PM] Me: 10 days ok?
    [05-12-2015 02:51:20 PM] ********* ******: 10 days are ok. but it must be ready for then. if you can't make it within that timeframe or will abandon the project, please let me know. this way I don't lose time and contact someone else in the case it happens.
    [05-12-2015 02:51:34 PM] Me: Yeah definitely
    [05-12-2015 03:12:28 PM] ********* ******: ok then any questions just ask, hear from you when progress is made
    [05-12-2015 03:27:30 PM] Me: ok
    [07-12-2015 11:59:15 PM] ********* ******: Hows going btw?
    [08-12-2015 12:01:27 AM] ********* ******: I want also to point out a thing which may have not been too explicit: I would like to choose in which folder I save the scraped listings.
    [08-12-2015 12:02:03 AM] ********* ******: This way If I open two instances of the program you're creating for me, I can choose two different folders. Just to keep everything organized.
    [08-12-2015 08:58:12 AM] Me: Ok
    [08-12-2015 04:45:38 PM] ********* ******: yes
    [08-12-2015 08:32:31 PM] Me: No worries, I have added the spintax functionality as you wanted
    [08-12-2015 08:32:50 PM] ********* ******: great
    [09-12-2015 12:56:41 AM] ********* ******: Hi, another thing: I specified lightweight as it must run properly with 3000 accounts on a medium end vps (100-200$/m vps)
    [09-12-2015 12:56:51 AM] ********* ******: So we'll have to perform also that test
    [09-12-2015 12:56:54 AM] ********* ******: somehow..
    [09-12-2015 06:09:58 AM] Me: Ok
    [09-12-2015 02:57:29 PM] Me: Only coding for sending the messages is left now
    [09-12-2015 04:09:50 PM] ********* ******: Great
    [10-12-2015 10:11:57 AM] Me: The bot is complete, should I record a video of it working and send you the video?
    [10-12-2015 04:33:46 PM] ********* ******: I forgot to say I need to choose subject and message itself for each account..
    [10-12-2015 04:34:20 PM] ********* ******: No we'll use teamviewer so I can test it trough your virtual server
    [10-12-2015 04:43:03 PM] Me: yeah
    [10-12-2015 04:43:31 PM] Me: Should I record a video of the bot working and send it to you?
    [10-12-2015 06:23:53 PM] ********* ******: Hi were off
    [10-12-2015 06:24:26 PM] Me: ?
    [10-12-2015 06:24:32 PM] ********* ******: No as said you must test it with teamviewer.. Make sure to test it with 4 accounts, 2 per proxie
    [10-12-2015 06:24:47 PM] ********* ******: When u r ready give me the id
    [10-12-2015 06:25:33 PM] Me: You'll be providing the accounts and the message to send
    [10-12-2015 06:26:30 PM] ********* ******:  Just use random message and public proxies
    [10-12-2015 06:26:45 PM] ********* ******: Create them I have only aged ones. It takes less than 4 minutes to create 4 accounts
    [10-12-2015 06:27:02 PM | Edited 06:28:05 PM] Me: Ok
    [11-12-2015 07:14:08 PM] ********* ******: anything?
    [11-12-2015 07:16:58 PM] Me: Was having Internet connection issues today, will test tomorrow
    [11-12-2015 07:20:43 PM] ********* ******: oks
    [12-12-2015 04:27:00 PM] Me: Hi, the bot is ready. When are you free for teamviewer?
    [12-12-2015 11:16:48 PM] ********* ******: Hum
    [12-12-2015 11:17:14 PM] ********* ******: Should I give the task to someone else?
    [13-12-2015 03:57:36 PM] ********* ******: Lol
    [13-12-2015 03:58:14 PM] Me: ?
    [13-12-2015 04:11:53 PM] Me: What?
    [15-12-2015 12:46:55 PM] Me: ?
    [15-12-2015 08:06:47 PM] ********* ******: Have u completed it or
    [15-12-2015 08:09:01 PM] Me: I've completed it
    [16-12-2015 05:29:35 PM] Me: So?
    [17-12-2015 10:57:17 AM] Me: Are you going to buy or not?
    [17-12-2015 07:52:41 PM] Me: ?
    [01:43:58 PM | Edited 01:44:12 PM] Me: I'll open shitlist on bhw if you are unable to reply by tomorrow.
    [03:53:00 PM] ********* ******: Hi, it took you 10 days if you actually delivered it when you said you where ready.. But you have not so I had to assign few days ago the task to someone else. I feel kinda sorry if you've really completed it, but then you had to get me on tw... I mean, a lot of guys say I completed it and stop answering just as you in my journey of internet marketer. There's not much to discuss on.
    [03:53:48 PM] Me: I told you to come on tw on 12th so that's well within the tat
    [03:55:41 PM] Me: So, basically you gave someone work after I told you that the work is completed

    As can be seen from skype log that I told him on 12th that the bot is completed.
    I edited the part of what kind of bot he wanted. But if the mods want it, then I can post the whole chat log.
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    methodman90 has been notified he has 48 hours to respond.

    PS. Reminder to all who have current issues, keep it PROFESSIONAL. No name calling or other insults.

    Reminder to everyone else:
    Shit list rule #4:
    If you are not directly related to the situation, or are not offering information directly related to the situation: do not post in the thread.
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    Hi, there's little to say. But first, I don't see how I would have "scammed" you.
    Anyway, I received no answers for 24 h after being told it were ready, then I got an answer that you were having connection issues, -at that point I got in contact, to assign the work to someone else on another marketplace-
    Why? Because I've been dealing with a lot of "coders" which only says bs, and I'am sorry that you were not one of these, but usually, and I mean 80% of times, when someone don't answer or give excuses is because he's barely working on it, or is not, or never will. Again I'am sorry you actually worked for it, but there's little I can do as I already paid in advance someone else which has reputation on a marketplace.
    I noticed just today that when I told you 'should I give the task to someone else?' (Which I already contacted someone for, but not yet paid), I completely missed to read somehow (Not sure how, maybe because I'am actually working full time on a lot of projects), that you said you were ready to show me it on tw. That's all.
    If a mod chooses to ban me, go on. I like this forum but well it already served me well in terms of infos. I've little to gain from it and will neither do another account on here. So that is my last post as I've already lost too much time writing this one and time is the most important resource we have.

    Either way I feel sorry for you OP. What I would like is my nickname there replaced with another one, in the skype chat. and few details of the bot.
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    Some further info on methodman90:
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    methodman90 - as the work was completed as requested and any delay was due to you missing a message, then the full amount for the work should be paid to Mission IMpossible.

    You've been active very recently - please make sure you reply here within the next 48 hours with a timeframe for Mission IMpossible to expect his payment.
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    no response, methodman90 is permabanned
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