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Scammed by FireSkull or Seopay85

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by bigthink3r, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. bigthink3r

    bigthink3r Newbie

    Jun 18, 2015
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    His paypal is megapay3 and name is Dave Higgins

    I wanted to buy an Amazon seller account from this user and he ensure that he will send me the account after payment.
    After various discussion over skype i made the payment. After waiting for a reply i was deleted from contact list and was no longer able to contact this person.
    I had a feeling this guy is trying to scam me. I lost 150 USD and hope that you guys watch out for this guy.
    Good Luck and be careful.
  2. pugtk

    pugtk Junior Member

    Jul 7, 2014
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    Hi There,

    I've just been scammed by Fireskull. He was to set up a script for me, after messaging for a bit we started to talk over Skype and he seemed genuine (I guess he was building rapport).

    However once I paid him his fee £100 (€144 ) he vanished off skype, then later on that night he removed me from Skype and is ignoring my private messages here on. BHW.

    I have been messaging Fireskull on skype (username: SeoPay). He also goes by the name Thomas Dunk( paypal ).
  3. OldSalt

    OldSalt Moderator Staff Member Moderator Jr. VIP Premium Member

    May 19, 2009
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    IT Sys Admin
    US, East Coast
    I initially was not going to approve the first post above because it does not include any proof at all - and the 2nd would have also been denied - but since they are both against the same member, I am approving them - BUT proof must still be provided - skype logs (copy/paste is fine), screenshots of payments etc BUT be sure to remove any personal info.

    FireSkull has been notified he has 48 hours to respond.

    PS. Reminder to all who have current issues, keep it PROFESSIONAL. No name calling or other insults.

    Reminder to everyone else:
    Shit list rule #4:
    If you are not directly related to the situation, or are not offering information directly related to the situation: do not post in the thread.
  4. pugtk

    pugtk Junior Member

    Jul 7, 2014
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    [06/07/2015 21:57:27] *** Michael McGowan would like to add you on Skype
    Hi SeoPay, I'd like to add you as a contact. ***
    [06/07/2015 21:57:42] *** SeoPay has shared contact details with Michael McGowan. ***
    [06/07/2015 22:00:18] Michael McGowan: Hey There, Its pugtk from BHW
    [06/07/2015 22:00:28] SeoPay: Hey hey
    [06/07/2015 22:00:56] Michael McGowan: So you think you can add my custom audience to my group?
    [06/07/2015 22:02:33] SeoPay: how many in the audience
    [06/07/2015 22:02:36] SeoPay: i got a script to add
    [06/07/2015 22:02:38] SeoPay: by member
    [06/07/2015 22:02:43] SeoPay: automatically =p
    [06/07/2015 22:08:05] Michael McGowan: around 40k
    [06/07/2015 22:08:13] Michael McGowan: the group in question
    [06/07/2015 22:08:14] Michael McGowan:
    [06/07/2015 22:09:21] SeoPay: u got a mic
    [06/07/2015 22:13:29] Michael McGowan: Not just with me at the moment
    [06/07/2015 22:13:43] SeoPay: ok well its pretty simple it just runs and adds people from excel file.
    [06/07/2015 22:13:52] SeoPay: u got there @facebook email or?
    [06/07/2015 22:14:03] Michael McGowan: Yea I have fb emails
    [06/07/2015 22:14:09] Michael McGowan: (y)
    [06/07/2015 22:14:09] SeoPay: ok that works.
    [06/07/2015 22:14:17] SeoPay: u can buy the script or ill do it for u
    [06/07/2015 22:14:23] SeoPay: how much are u offering for all 40k
    [06/07/2015 22:14:40] SeoPay: to be added.
    [06/07/2015 22:15:12] Michael McGowan: Do we have to create profiles and add my custom audience as friends or can we add them straight to the group
    [06/07/2015 22:16:45] Michael McGowan: How much do you want for the script?
    [06/07/2015 22:17:08] SeoPay: 150 if u want the script cos i gotta show u how to use it too...
    [06/07/2015 22:17:09] SeoPay: lol
    [06/07/2015 22:17:17] SeoPay: u can add by email
    [06/07/2015 22:17:23] SeoPay: what format u got emails in right now
    [06/07/2015 22:17:26] SeoPay: csv?
    [06/07/2015 22:20:52] Michael McGowan: Yup CSV, however I need to re scrape my page, its after growing a lot since I scraped last
    [06/07/2015 22:20:54] Michael McGowan:
    [06/07/2015 22:21:04] Michael McGowan: Couple of videos went viral (y)
    [06/07/2015 22:21:25] SeoPay: what u using
    [06/07/2015 22:21:29] SeoPay: fb lead chef
    [06/07/2015 22:21:32] Michael McGowan: Social Lead Gold
    [06/07/2015 22:21:35] SeoPay: oh
    [06/07/2015 22:21:59] Michael McGowan: Would you prefer fb lead chief?
    [06/07/2015 22:22:52] Michael McGowan: Is there much involved in using the script
    [06/07/2015 22:22:53] Michael McGowan: ?
    [06/07/2015 22:23:11] SeoPay: no its just the initial setup
    [06/07/2015 22:23:21] SeoPay: ill do it for u over teamviewer and talk u through how its done
    [06/07/2015 22:24:56] Michael McGowan: How long does it take to add members? Can you make it look sort of natural as not to get banned lol
    [06/07/2015 22:29:50] SeoPay: yeah
    [06/07/2015 22:29:52] SeoPay: it goes on a delay
    [06/07/2015 22:30:01] SeoPay: can randomize between 3 - 10 secs etc.
    [06/07/2015 22:31:12] Michael McGowan: When was the last time you used the script successfully?
    [06/07/2015 22:31:54] SeoPay: like 3 weeks ago then stopped i only got it cos i collect scripts and tools my friend paid someone top dollar to make it
    [06/07/2015 22:31:56] SeoPay: loll
    [06/07/2015 22:33:26] Michael McGowan: Can you do a quick demo? Just because some guy wasted my time a couple of weeks back saying he could do it, then he couldn't , at least he refunded me, but I could have got burned, Im sure you can understand (y)
    [06/07/2015 22:34:33] SeoPay: well u will have the script setup info then.
    [06/07/2015 22:34:40] SeoPay: i might negotiate on price a bit though.
    [06/07/2015 22:34:44] SeoPay: 150 seems pricy
    [06/07/2015 22:34:45] SeoPay: lol
    [06/07/2015 22:34:57] SeoPay: we cna do a invoice
    [06/07/2015 22:35:00] SeoPay: so were both protected.
    [06/07/2015 22:35:17] Michael McGowan: 100 for the script?
    [06/07/2015 22:36:25] SeoPay: if u gimme 100 now then sure and ill show u how to get it all working over share screen
    [06/07/2015 22:36:37] Michael McGowan: Well I meant Id like to see the script working lol
    [06/07/2015 22:36:43] SeoPay: i dont want to show u it before being paid
    [06/07/2015 22:36:50] SeoPay: because a lot of people try copy my stuff
    [06/07/2015 22:36:55] Michael McGowan: Haha.. ok
    [06/07/2015 22:36:59] SeoPay: and then there like aw ok ill go get this made.
    [06/07/2015 22:37:03] Michael McGowan: I get your point
    [06/07/2015 22:37:05] SeoPay: people do it =p
    [06/07/2015 22:37:30] SeoPay: i mean we can do bank xfer and a tax invoice if u want to do it properly.
    [06/07/2015 22:37:42] SeoPay: pretty ballsy to give u my name and a invoice and then scam your ass
    [06/07/2015 22:37:42] SeoPay: lol.
    [06/07/2015 22:38:12] Michael McGowan: haha.. will it take long to set it up?
    [06/07/2015 22:38:44] SeoPay: no we gonna need teamviewer
    [06/07/2015 22:38:53] SeoPay: but i suggest u invest in a microphone or something
    [06/07/2015 22:39:03] SeoPay: i cant talk on skype call on phone and share screen and talk u through
    [06/07/2015 22:40:06] Michael McGowan: I have a microphone at my parents place, i'll be home on friday I could Skype you on Friday?
    [06/07/2015 22:40:29] SeoPay: ok
    [06/07/2015 22:40:30] SeoPay: hold on
    [06/07/2015 22:40:37] SeoPay: can i get 100 now though
    [06/07/2015 22:41:03] SeoPay: i gotta pay for my host.
    [06/07/2015 22:41:06] SeoPay: its upsetting me lol
    [06/07/2015 22:41:13] SeoPay: only reason im in a rush
    [06/07/2015 22:41:19] SeoPay: if we do bank xfer u got my name
    [06/07/2015 22:41:23] SeoPay: i can show u my id
    [06/07/2015 22:41:25] SeoPay: passport lol
    [06/07/2015 22:41:37] SeoPay: Thats why i reduced it from 150
    [06/07/2015 22:43:50] Michael McGowan: haha.. u make a convincing argument but I'd rather pay you and setup everything up on the same day, just cautious after last time, sorry I don't mean anything personal
    [06/07/2015 22:44:07] SeoPay: ok so let me set it up today >.>
    [06/07/2015 22:44:08] SeoPay: lol
    [06/07/2015 22:45:03] Michael McGowan: O.k Tommorw then? Ive an early start wana be in bed in 10 mins lol Send me on the invoice (y)
    [06/07/2015 22:46:07] Michael McGowan: paypal:
    [06/07/2015 22:46:21] SeoPay: hold on then
    [06/07/2015 22:48:46] SeoPay: ok take a look
    [06/07/2015 22:50:52] Michael McGowan: yup, at?
    [06/07/2015 22:51:09] SeoPay: i sent invoice
    [06/07/2015 22:51:31] SeoPay: u actually sell cars then
    [06/07/2015 22:51:40] SeoPay: i thought it was a fake group u were making hah
    [06/07/2015 22:52:52] Michael McGowan: Not Personally, But members do
    [06/07/2015 22:52:59] Michael McGowan: Did you have a look?
    [06/07/2015 22:53:07] SeoPay: i mean your email address looks like a car selling email
    [06/07/2015 22:53:21] Michael McGowan: Ahh, its my old website
    [06/07/2015 22:53:23] Michael McGowan: lol
    [06/07/2015 22:53:28] Michael McGowan:
    [06/07/2015 22:53:37] SeoPay: oh
    [06/07/2015 22:53:58] SeoPay: let me know when invoice paid i got a guy shouting at me in dutch hah
    [06/07/2015 22:54:17] Michael McGowan: dutch? haha
    [06/07/2015 22:54:28] SeoPay: hes from the netherlands
    [06/07/2015 22:54:30] SeoPay: does my hosting
    [06/07/2015 22:54:38] SeoPay: was meant to send him allready but someone let me down
    [06/07/2015 22:55:09] SeoPay: Michael Mc Gowan hasn't paid yet.
    [06/07/2015 22:55:11] SeoPay: Michael Mc Gowan hasn't paid yet.
    [06/07/2015 22:55:12] SeoPay: lol
    [06/07/2015 22:56:34] Michael McGowan: ? Paypal is saying I haven't paid? lol
    [06/07/2015 22:56:48] SeoPay: on the invoice i sent
    [06/07/2015 22:56:49] SeoPay: lol
    [06/07/2015 22:59:05] SeoPay: u paying it or can i cancel it my dude
    [07/07/2015 18:21:41] Michael McGowan: Hey, Though I paid it last night, give me shout when your online :)
    [07/07/2015 18:21:50] Michael McGowan: Mustnt have went through
    [07/07/2015 18:27:41] Michael McGowan: I'll send it on again (y)
    [07/07/2015 19:37:29] Michael McGowan: Hey Man, Im just going on a run Ill be online from 9 to 11, hope to catch u and setup this script (y)
    [07/07/2015 20:31:33] SeoPay: ok man
    [07/07/2015 20:31:42] SeoPay: 2 hour run calm down usain
    [07/07/2015 20:54:59] Michael McGowan: Just gone over to friends..haha be home before 10 , we get this thing setup in hr and half?
    [07/07/2015 21:05:37] SeoPay: yeah wont take that long mr bolt
    [07/07/2015 22:01:26] Michael McGowan: U around?
    [07/07/2015 22:10:22] SeoPay: i am
    [07/07/2015 22:10:29] SeoPay: how was the run
    [07/07/2015 22:10:38] SeoPay: who the fuck runs for 2 hours =P...
    [07/07/2015 22:10:44] Michael McGowan: Grand.. need to burn the fat off..
    [07/07/2015 22:10:49] Michael McGowan: haha
    [07/07/2015 22:11:07] Michael McGowan: nah more like 40 but again I get over to the friends house and back
    [07/07/2015 22:11:59] Michael McGowan: I have a csv test file ready to go with fb emails
    [07/07/2015 22:12:23] SeoPay: ok u know i want paying first =p
    [07/07/2015 22:12:28] SeoPay: how many in the csv
    [07/07/2015 22:12:36] SeoPay: u got a mic yet
    [07/07/2015 22:12:40] Michael McGowan: yea , sending now (y)
    [07/07/2015 22:12:40] SeoPay: or headset
    [07/07/2015 22:12:44] SeoPay: wait
    [07/07/2015 22:12:47] SeoPay: before u send
    [07/07/2015 22:12:51] Michael McGowan: No .. not till friday
    [07/07/2015 22:13:04] SeoPay: how do u do serious online biz without talking to anyone =p
    [07/07/2015 22:13:28] Michael McGowan: haha.. that's why I got it, just haven't used it yet lol
    [07/07/2015 22:14:35] SeoPay: Allright send as friends family payment i cancelled that invoice last night//
    [07/07/2015 22:14:44] SeoPay: apparently when u send invoices it goes towards limit
    [07/07/2015 22:14:52] SeoPay: so allready added 100 lol
    [07/07/2015 22:15:46] SeoPay: dont send
    [07/07/2015 22:15:50] SeoPay: to megapay3@gmail.com
    [07/07/2015 22:16:46] Michael McGowan: to be honest I don't feel comfortable, if you send invoice ill pay fees
    [07/07/2015 22:17:02] Michael McGowan: stick the fees onto the invoice total
    [07/07/2015 22:17:12] SeoPay: ok whats your email again
    [07/07/2015 22:17:29] Michael McGowan:
    [07/07/2015 22:18:11] SeoPay: are we ok to do this in the morning cos i was actually going to go out
    [07/07/2015 22:18:18] SeoPay: and i want to set it up with you right after u paid
    [07/07/2015 22:18:50] Michael McGowan: Yea perfect, will be 7ish tommorw onwards, again I get home from work
    [07/07/2015 22:19:01] Michael McGowan: 7pm after I get home from work
    [07/07/2015 22:19:22] Michael McGowan: Can I send you an excel file of my emails
    [07/07/2015 22:19:33] Michael McGowan: just to see if there in the correct format
    [07/07/2015 22:19:46] SeoPay: yeah send that over skype let me send u an invoice now i mean u can pay now if u want and we can sort it tommorow when u finished work
    [07/07/2015 22:19:50] SeoPay: so thats taken care of
    [07/07/2015 22:19:59] *** ***
    [07/07/2015 22:20:21] Michael McGowan: Can I pay you tomorrow before we start?
    [07/07/2015 22:20:28] SeoPay: yeah thats cool
    [07/07/2015 22:20:31] Michael McGowan: (y)
    [07/07/2015 22:20:34] SeoPay: ok talk tommorow then man
    [07/07/2015 22:20:41] Michael McGowan: are those emails in the correct format?
    [07/07/2015 22:20:57] Michael McGowan: Just so I can get them ready for tomorrow?
    [07/07/2015 22:21:34] SeoPay: Aaron.nonjewish.irish.jeasus.McCauley@facebook.com
    [07/07/2015 22:21:40] SeoPay: is that really a email address lol
    [07/07/2015 22:22:16] Michael McGowan: probably not lol
    [07/07/2015 22:22:28] Michael McGowan: im sure theres a few fake accounts in there
    [07/07/2015 22:22:30] Michael McGowan: haha
    [07/07/2015 22:24:00] SeoPay: what if i just type up a biz invoice
    [07/07/2015 22:24:05] SeoPay: quickly in excel
    [07/07/2015 22:24:29] SeoPay: with my name etc on it and i show u my id etc etc. then could u send it as a personal payment?
    [07/07/2015 22:24:43] SeoPay: its just so no fees and theres usually no holds or anything with personal payments..
    [07/07/2015 22:26:08] Michael McGowan: Honestly I don't mind paying the fees, please don't take it personal, put I'd rather pay by pp invoice.
    [07/07/2015 22:26:31] SeoPay: i understand hah but like every 3rd invoice something fucked up allways happens
    [07/07/2015 22:26:36] SeoPay: like a review
    [07/07/2015 22:26:40] SeoPay: or some bs hold of some kind.
    [07/07/2015 22:28:09] Michael McGowan: Sure we can sort it tomorrow (y)
    [07/07/2015 22:28:32] SeoPay: ok usain
    [07/07/2015 22:28:53] SeoPay: message me tommorow i gotta jet :p
    [07/07/2015 22:29:00] SeoPay: ttyl
    [07/07/2015 22:29:06] Michael McGowan: Thanks (y) ttyl
    [08/07/2015 15:37:39] SeoPay: Cool mini
    [08/07/2015 15:37:42] SeoPay: how much is that
    [08/07/2015 18:19:09] Michael McGowan: U Around? ahh its just a random pic :D
    [08/07/2015 19:55:59] SeoPay: im around
    [08/07/2015 20:03:17] Michael McGowan: Have to go out �� how those friday sound, ill have my headphones then
    [08/07/2015 20:04:17] SeoPay: u got teamviewer ill just set it up over that
    [08/07/2015 20:08:12] SeoPay: fridays cool
    [08/07/2015 20:09:18] Michael McGowan: I have team viewer, What else do I need to set this up? profile which is an admin of the group?
    [08/07/2015 20:17:01] Michael McGowan: I'm free on Friday from 7pm onwards, could we organise a time that works suits us both lol
    [08/07/2015 20:17:05] Michael McGowan: (y)
    [08/07/2015 20:21:16] Michael McGowan: What time suits on friday? I should be home for 7pm ,ill also have my headphones��
    [08/07/2015 23:19:53] SeoPay: i mean u dont neeeeed headphones just helps
    [08/07/2015 23:20:03] SeoPay: lets me talk u through
    [08/07/2015 23:23:54] Michael McGowan: Ok
    [08/07/2015 23:24:39] SeoPay: im a little bit tipsy to be doing it now though lol
    [08/07/2015 23:24:46] SeoPay: tommorow or friday k
    [08/07/2015 23:25:05] Michael McGowan: �� no problem
    [09/07/2015 21:33:05] SeoPay: yo
    [09/07/2015 21:40:10] Michael McGowan: Whats up ! Are you still ok for tomorrow?
    [09/07/2015 23:23:00] Michael McGowan: 7.30 tomorrow?
    [10/07/2015 14:49:15] SeoPay: yeah
    [10/07/2015 14:49:17] SeoPay: tell me u got a mic
    [10/07/2015 14:50:08] Michael McGowan: Will have once i get back to my parent's place aroun 7pm
    [10/07/2015 14:50:16] Michael McGowan: Around 7
    [10/07/2015 14:50:30] SeoPay: ok np message me when back.
    [10/07/2015 15:13:58] Michael McGowan: Will do ☝
    [10/07/2015 19:17:23] SeoPay: hmmm
    [10/07/2015 19:18:38] Michael McGowan: Just in (y)
    [10/07/2015 19:18:48] SeoPay: Welcome
    [10/07/2015 19:18:48] Michael McGowan: Good timing lolol
    [10/07/2015 19:18:57] SeoPay: Im just that good.
    [10/07/2015 19:19:40] Michael McGowan: We'l see lol
    [10/07/2015 19:22:11] Michael McGowan: Ive a test file ready to go :) Profile created which is admin of the group
    [10/07/2015 19:22:29] *** Call from SeoPay ***
    [10/07/2015 19:25:14] Michael McGowan:
    [10/07/2015 19:25:36] *** Call ended, duration 03:06 ***
    [10/07/2015 19:28:01] SeoPay: sec someone called
    [10/07/2015 19:28:04] SeoPay: phone call
    [10/07/2015 19:28:14] Michael McGowan: o.k
    [10/07/2015 19:29:08] Michael McGowan: Let me know when you get to send the invoice (y)
    [10/07/2015 19:31:56] SeoPay: ok thats sent
    [10/07/2015 19:32:24] SeoPay: still talking to this guy who thinks im looking after his dog tonight
    [10/07/2015 19:32:28] SeoPay: its just not going to happen lol.
    [10/07/2015 19:33:49] SeoPay: u get it?
    [10/07/2015 19:34:29] Michael McGowan: Yup, So whats your name, Thomas or Dave lol
    [10/07/2015 19:34:34] Michael McGowan: Just sending payment
    [10/07/2015 19:34:55] SeoPay: my names thomas but my account is close to limits
    [10/07/2015 19:35:05] SeoPay: got dave to do it i work with him on fb ads.
    [10/07/2015 19:35:09] SeoPay: hes on bhw as well
    [10/07/2015 19:35:45] Michael McGowan: Ouch on the conversion rate !! 150 euro lol
    [10/07/2015 19:35:48] *** Call from SeoPay ***
    [10/07/2015 19:37:29] *** Call ended, duration 01:41 ***
    [10/07/2015 19:43:30] SeoPay: 2 minutes
    [10/07/2015 19:43:33] SeoPay: ill be with you
    [10/07/2015 19:44:29] Michael McGowan: o.k
    [10/07/2015 19:48:14] SeoPay: hes giving me some story about the balance pending in his account...
    [10/07/2015 19:48:18] SeoPay: my friend whos taking payment for me
    [10/07/2015 19:48:24] SeoPay: whats that all about.
    [10/07/2015 19:48:32] SeoPay: i know u paid he showed me it just says pending.
    [10/07/2015 19:49:05] Michael McGowan: Have a look now, could take a couple of mins
    [10/07/2015 19:49:18] SeoPay: ok hold on
    [10/07/2015 19:50:24 | Removed 19:50:28] Michael McGowan: This message has been removed.
    [10/07/2015 19:50:43] SeoPay: This message has been removed.
    [10/07/2015 19:50:46] SeoPay: what did u type
    [10/07/2015 19:50:58] Michael McGowan: Above, I just deleted it by mistake
    [10/07/2015 19:52:07] Michael McGowan: Did you get the screenshot?
    [10/07/2015 19:52:15] SeoPay: yeah
    [10/07/2015 19:52:19] SeoPay: whats that reversal all about.
    [10/07/2015 19:53:36] Michael McGowan: Guy on bhw , said he could put a script together then he just said he couldn't get to work, so refunded me
    [10/07/2015 19:53:49] Michael McGowan: :) Luckily
    [10/07/2015 19:54:04] SeoPay: lol good guy
    [10/07/2015 19:54:09] Michael McGowan: I know
    [10/07/2015 19:54:11] SeoPay: he was charging 300
    [10/07/2015 19:54:12] SeoPay: ?
    [10/07/2015 19:54:32] Michael McGowan: Very Luckily, Yup
    [10/07/2015 19:54:43] SeoPay: i want more ;0
    [10/07/2015 19:54:44] SeoPay: lol.
    [10/07/2015 19:54:49] Michael McGowan: Was for 2 ..haha
    [10/07/2015 19:55:02] Michael McGowan: Message bots
    [10/07/2015 19:56:24] Michael McGowan: Status completed on paypal over here (y)
    [10/07/2015 19:57:52] SeoPay: hold on logging in skype on phone.
    [10/07/2015 19:58:37] Michael McGowan: (y)
    [10/07/2015 20:03:28] Michael McGowan: ?
    [10/07/2015 20:14:35] Michael McGowan: Whats up?
    [10/07/2015 21:06:23] Michael McGowan: Give me a shout when your back online��
    [10/07/2015 23:25:00] *** Michael McGowan would like to add you on Skype
    Hi SeoPay, I'd like to add you as a contact. ***
    [10/07/2015 23:32:09] *** Call to Time4Seo ***
    [10/07/2015 23:32:09] *** Call ended ***
    [10/07/2015 23:36:56] *** Call to Time4Seo ***
    [10/07/2015 23:36:56] *** Call ended ***
    [10/07/2015 23:45:11] *** Michael McGowan would like to add you on Skype
    Hi Thomas, You removed me as a contact? ***

    Also note he has changed his Skype name from Seopay to Time4Seo
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2015
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    Fireskull has signed in since this was approved and even viewed this thread - and chose not to respond.


  6. sellingpaypal

    sellingpaypal BANNED BANNED

    Jul 15, 2015
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    Since he was already banned, can anyone share more info regarding him? Like His real name or real address, phone whatever?
  7. jacklance

    jacklance Newbie

    Aug 4, 2015
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    Inbound Marketer
    Yeah, curious to know, he willuse fake identities again...
  8. Saint Zeus

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    May 19, 2015
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    I can't provide any details of the ones you guys requested however I did talk to an Time4SEO fellow a couple days back. Forgot where I got his Skype but we talked and thankfully didn't go through with anything. I'll look into where I got his Skype from and update if I find anything