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Scammed by alexbraila90

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by ianlian, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. ianlian

    ianlian Newbie

    Jun 23, 2010
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    Hi, I spent $500 to buy 1mm GI email data from alexbraila90.

    But here are what I got.

    1, lashback seed email. my affiliate account got banned when I send email to his data.

    We received seed hit notifications from Lashback tied to your account. Lashback creates unique email addresses that they use one time to unsubscribe from a sending list. After the 10-day CAN-SPAM opt-out period, if the unsubscribed email address receives mail, they flag that mailer as sending to a seeded email address. Most likely, your account has a comprised data source which contains a list of unsubscribed users (possibly with false opt-in information). We recommend discontinuing mailing that comprised list(s) and to run it through a list hygiene service before resuming mailing it.

    To fix this issue, please complete the following steps.

    1. Remove the seeded email address(es) from all of your sending lists: b304229ec757790555489d96219628db and 8824e033db4a30779eacc55e948a9b22

    2. Identify the source of the email address, which is the bad data source that is mailing to suppressed emails. Please contain this data and discontinue sending to any email addresses from the same source.

    LashBack Case Link(s): (If you go to ?View Recent Message? under the ?Message Details? section, you can see the recent email sent to the seeded email address.)


    2, I got 500 of my IPs balacklisted by spamhaus.

    I still trust his data when I got my first c range ip blacklisted. but when I start a new c range ip, I only send email to his data. still got blacklisted.

    HE have make me lost more than $2k

    F**K alexbraila90
  2. OldSalt

    OldSalt Ex-Mod taking a sabbatical

    May 19, 2009
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    IT Sys Admin
    US, East Coast
    alexbraila90 is the accused and has been notified he has 48 hours to respond.

    lanlian, I'm going to need more detail - skype logs, PM/transaction screenshots etc.

    PS. REMINDER Shit list rules #4:
    If you are not directly related to the situation, or are not offering information directly related to the situation: do not post in the thread.
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  3. ianlian

    ianlian Newbie

    Jun 23, 2010
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    [2013/10/16 16:47:16] Ian Lian: alex_br07,hi, I want email lists. are you selling any? Ian Lian
    [2013/10/16 19:27:32] Ian Lian: please email me *snip*, since I don't always be on skype
    [2013/10/16 22:27:24] *** alex_br07 已与Ian Lian分享联系人信息。 ***
    [2013/10/16 22:35:17] Ian Lian: hi
    [2013/10/16 22:35:23] Ian Lian: here?
    [2013/10/16 22:35:26] alex_br07: hi
    [2013/10/16 22:35:43] Ian Lian: you have lists to sell, right?
    [2013/10/16 22:35:51] alex_br07: yes
    [2013/10/16 22:36:07] Ian Lian: scraped or optin?
    [2013/10/16 22:36:22] alex_br07: none
    [2013/10/16 22:36:33] alex_br07: extracted openers and clickers data
    [2013/10/16 22:36:42] alex_br07: i do have tons
    [2013/10/16 22:36:49] Ian Lian: then how did you get them at first?
    [2013/10/16 22:36:52] alex_br07: cleaned with ex quikie marketing
    [2013/10/16 22:37:02] alex_br07: i have my sources
    [2013/10/16 22:37:11] alex_br07: from a private mailers network
    [2013/10/16 22:37:33] Ian Lian: you mean eHygienics? you use them?
    [2013/10/16 22:37:37] alex_br07: yes
    [2013/10/16 22:37:50] Ian Lian: wow, it's like $1500 per month, right?
    [2013/10/16 22:38:11] alex_br07: i dont know i dont pay
    [2013/10/16 22:38:15] alex_br07: i have the company account
    [2013/10/16 22:38:23] Ian Lian: oh I see
    [2013/10/16 22:38:41] Ian Lian: then not niche targeted?
    [2013/10/16 22:39:16] Ian Lian: what's the price if I want GI data?
    [2013/10/16 22:42:06] alex_br07: 1k per 2 millions
    [2013/10/16 22:42:21] Ian Lian: for openers?
    [2013/10/16 22:42:23] alex_br07: 1k tld data 1 mil
    [2013/10/16 22:42:24] alex_br07: yeah
    [2013/10/16 22:43:00] Ian Lian: can I have 100k to test?
    [2013/10/16 22:43:28] alex_br07: yes
    [2013/10/16 22:44:11] Ian Lian: free?
    [2013/10/16 22:47:04] alex_br07: yes
    [2013/10/16 22:48:48] *** alex_br07 发送 GI_testt0001 ***
    [2013/10/16 22:49:55] Ian Lian: how many addresses do you have? just 2 million?
    [2013/10/16 22:54:16] alex_br07: tons
    [2013/10/16 22:54:27] Ian Lian: all of them are operners?
    [2013/10/16 22:54:30] Ian Lian: WOW
    [2013/10/16 22:54:35] alex_br07: yup
    [2013/10/16 22:54:36] Ian Lian: good for you
    [2013/10/16 22:54:48] alex_br07: mailing with robomail
    [2013/10/16 22:55:15] Ian Lian: doing this for your company?
    [2013/10/16 22:55:59] Ian Lian: robomail is expensive...
    [2013/10/16 22:56:47] alex_br07: i know
    [2013/10/16 22:56:49] alex_br07: :)
    [2013/10/17 18:25:00] Ian Lian: can you remove the email addresses set up in Google apps?
    [2013/10/18 0:10:02] Ian Lian: can you give me your email address so that we can communicate via email
    [2013/10/18 0:26:46] alex_br07: *snip*
    [2013/10/18 0:26:46] alex_br07:
    [2013/10/26 19:09:48] Ian Lian: hey
    [2013/10/26 19:09:52] Ian Lian: around?
    [2013/10/26 19:14:07] Ian Lian: need 500k emails
    [2013/10/26 19:50:02] alex_br07: Yo
    [2013/10/26 19:50:03] alex_br07:
    [2013/10/26 19:50:20] alex_br07: I will be in 1 h
    [2013/10/26 20:02:49] Ian Lian: ok
    [2013/10/27 8:15:27] Ian Lian: Hey
    [2013/10/27 8:15:31] Ian Lian: still around?
    [2013/10/27 8:18:52] Ian Lian: so I need 500k now...do you have paypal account?
    [2013/10/27 8:19:46] alex_br07: Be back in 3-5h
    [2013/10/27 8:43:45] Ian Lian: ok......
    [2013/10/27 11:49:15] Ian Lian: around?
    [2013/10/27 11:49:42] alex_br07: yes
    [2013/10/27 11:49:46] alex_br07: but not for long
    [2013/10/27 11:49:50] alex_br07: like 20 minuts
    [2013/10/27 11:49:55] alex_br07: whats up
    [2013/10/27 11:50:06] Ian Lian: need 500k GI data...
    [2013/10/27 11:50:11] alex_br07: i see
    [2013/10/27 11:50:18] alex_br07: i accept only western union
    [2013/10/27 11:50:40] Ian Lian: don't have paypal account?
    [2013/10/27 11:50:58] alex_br07: i have problems with it
    [2013/10/27 11:51:05] alex_br07: right now its blocked
    [2013/10/27 11:51:07] Ian Lian: any other online payment?
    [2013/10/27 11:51:15] alex_br07: neteller
    [2013/10/27 11:51:45] alex_br07: you can do western union online ..
    [2013/10/27 11:52:14] Ian Lian: all right...give me the name and account?
    [2013/10/27 11:52:19] Ian Lian: will check it out
    [2013/10/27 11:52:26] alex_br07: neteller?
    [2013/10/27 11:52:38] Ian Lian: western union
    [2013/10/27 11:52:44] alex_br07: you need my details
    [2013/10/27 11:54:30] Ian Lian: so $250 for 500k GI?
    [2013/10/27 11:57:34] alex_br07: $500
    [2013/10/27 11:57:55] Ian Lian: 1k for 2 million GI data? you said
    [2013/10/27 11:57:57] Ian Lian: GI
    [2013/10/27 11:58:00] Ian Lian: not TLD
    [2013/10/27 11:58:30] Ian Lian: will buy more if the result is good
    [2013/10/27 11:58:38] alex_br07: did i said that
    [2013/10/27 11:58:41] alex_br07: sorry i meant
    [2013/10/27 11:59:24] Ian Lian: so?
    [2013/10/27 11:59:26] alex_br07: minunum order is $500
    [2013/10/27 11:59:32] Ian Lian: $250?
    [2013/10/27 12:00:29] alex_br07: 1 million GI = 1k
    [2013/10/27 12:00:38] alex_br07: 2million tld = 2k
    [2013/10/27 12:00:48] alex_br07: thats the minimunum
    [2013/10/27 12:01:07] alex_br07: thats what my partner said
    [2013/10/27 12:01:47] Ian Lian: [2013/10/16 22:39:16] Ian Lian: what's the price if I want GI data?
    [2013/10/16 22:42:06] alex_br07: 1k per 2 millions
    [2013/10/27 12:03:59] alex_br07: [Friday, October 25, 2013 1:37 PM] *snip*: sorry bro minunum order has to be atleast $500
    [2013/10/27 12:04:16] alex_br07: so
    [2013/10/27 12:04:26] Ian Lian: then I can get 1 million if I pay $500?
    [2013/10/27 12:04:27] alex_br07: i cant sell you 500k sorry
    [2013/10/27 12:04:33] alex_br07: yes
    [2013/10/27 12:04:38] Ian Lian: get it now....
    [2013/10/27 12:05:08] alex_br07: i have to go
    [2013/10/27 12:05:10] Ian Lian: can you use paypal account from your friend?
    [2013/10/27 12:05:26] alex_br07: any other question
    [2013/10/27 12:05:28] alex_br07: no sorry
    [2013/10/27 12:05:48] Ian Lian: all right... will pay via western union...
    [2013/10/27 12:05:53] alex_br07: ok
    [2013/10/27 12:05:55] alex_br07: ou have the info
    [2013/10/27 12:05:57] alex_br07: i have to go
    [2013/10/27 12:05:59] alex_br07: talk tomm
    [2013/10/27 12:06:01] Ian Lian: ok
    [2013/10/28 9:21:34] Ian Lian: Need your phone number to do the western union
    [2013/10/28 9:23:19] alex_br07: k
    [2013/10/28 9:23:19] alex_br07:
    [2013/10/28 9:25:35] Ian Lian: So? Number?
    [2013/10/28 9:25:49] Ian Lian: Can't see
    [2013/10/28 9:26:38] alex_br07: pe=1
    [2013/10/28 9:26:44] alex_br07: oowait
    [2013/10/28 9:28:21] alex_br07: +*snip*
    [2013/10/28 9:28:58] Ian Lian: K..will do it in several minutes
    [2013/10/28 10:19:13] Ian Lian: Which city?
    [2013/10/28 10:19:25] alex_br07: braila
    [2013/10/28 11:03:44] Ian Lian: $500 sent..
    [2013/10/28 11:04:10] Ian Lian: Got any message from western union?
    [2013/10/28 11:05:14] alex_br07: lol
    [2013/10/28 11:05:18] alex_br07: you have to send me the code
    [2013/10/28 11:05:21] alex_br07: MTCN
    [2013/10/28 11:05:25] alex_br07: sender name and country
    [2013/10/28 11:10:25] Ian Lian: First name: *snip*
    [2013/10/28 11:11:45] Ian Lian: Can I get the data before giving you the MTCN?
    [2013/10/28 11:23:17] alex_br07: no sorry i first have to pick up the money
    [2013/10/28 11:23:21] alex_br07: tajt will be in the morning
    [2013/10/28 11:23:31] alex_br07: in about 7 h
    [2013/10/28 11:23:34] alex_br07: now its late
    [2013/10/28 11:23:52] alex_br07: its 5 am\
    [2013/10/28 11:24:11] alex_br07: why wouldi scam you if i already gaved you 100k test list
    [2013/10/28 11:24:49] Ian Lian: Ok
    [2013/10/28 11:25:05] Ian Lian: *snip*
    [2013/10/28 11:25:56] Ian Lian: still here?
    [2013/10/28 11:26:12] Ian Lian: isn't it 20:26 your time?
    [2013/10/28 11:26:28] alex_br07: no
    [2013/10/28 11:26:32] alex_br07: its 5 am
    [2013/10/28 11:27:06] Ian Lian: so you got the MTCN code..send me the data now?
    [2013/10/28 11:29:05] alex_br07: i will send you the data in 4hours
    [2013/10/28 11:29:09] alex_br07: after i pic kthem up
    [2013/10/28 11:29:16] Ian Lian: ok
    [2013/10/28 15:25:01] Ian Lian: back?????
    [2013/10/28 15:25:47] alex_br07: yo
    [2013/10/28 15:25:57] alex_br07: going in 10 minuts to pick up the moneys
    [2013/10/28 15:26:07] Ian Lian: ok
    [2013/10/28 16:10:31] Ian Lian: got the money?
    [2013/10/28 16:12:55] Ian Lian: The name I sent to is *snip*, is it right?
    [2013/10/28 16:13:17] alex_br07: hey
    [2013/10/28 16:13:21] alex_br07: picked the moneys
    [2013/10/28 16:13:23] alex_br07: yea
    [2013/10/28 16:13:26] Ian Lian: good
    [2013/10/28 16:13:33] alex_br07: i will send you the data in the following hour ok ?
    [2013/10/28 16:13:39] Ian Lian: ok
    [2013/10/28 17:22:49] Ian Lian: ?
    [2013/10/28 18:13:18] Ian Lian: hello? got the data
    [2013/10/28 18:13:20] Ian Lian: ?
    [2013/10/28 18:21:51] Ian Lian: Hey
    [2013/10/28 18:22:35] Ian Lian: Can you email me the data? *snip*
    [2013/10/28 19:17:23] alex_br07: Hello
    [2013/10/28 19:18:26] alex_br07: Ok iam cleaning the data
    [2013/10/28 19:18:49] alex_br07: Once ist done
    [2013/10/28 19:19:01] alex_br07: I will sendto
    [2013/10/28 19:19:04] alex_br07: Email
    [2013/10/28 22:21:37] Ian Lian: not down yet?
    [2013/10/28 22:57:57] Ian Lian: hello?????
    [2013/10/28 23:09:53] Ian Lian: need to go to bed now, please send the data to me as soon as the cleaning is done....*snip*
    [2013/10/28 23:11:41] alex_br07: hey
    [2013/10/28 23:11:55] Ian Lian: still here
    [2013/10/28 23:12:01] alex_br07: sorry
    [2013/10/28 23:12:06] alex_br07: sending now
    [2013/10/28 23:12:13] Ian Lian: ok
    [2013/10/28 23:15:07] *** alex_br07 发送 GI_10_20.2 GI_10_20 ***
    [2013/10/28 23:15:24] *** alex_br07 发送 ADK.8.27.13.TXT ***
    [2013/10/28 23:15:47] Ian Lian: adk?adknowledge?
    [2013/10/29 0:02:05] Ian Lian: you should have gave me 1 million GI data...it's around 500k here...
    [2013/10/29 0:03:02] Ian Lian: please send the rest to my email address...really need to go to ben now
    [2013/10/30 9:40:08] Ian Lian: hey
    [2013/10/30 9:40:14] Ian Lian: I want GI
    [2013/10/30 9:40:27] Ian Lian: I want GI data with no TLD in it...
    [2013/10/30 9:40:31] Ian Lian: ameritech.net 14 761 1.86%
    att.net 82 682 10.40%
    bellsouth.net 14 630 1.84%
    comcast.net 76 444 9.61%
    cox.net 14 200 1.79%
    excite.com 27 132 3.41%
    gmail.com 108 052 13.59%
    ma.rr.com 12 593 1.58%
    mindspring.com 11 393 1.43%
    netzero.net 10 031 1.26%
    nj.rr.com 41 298 5.19%
    nyc.rr.com 15 748 1.98%
    peoplepc.com 17 567 2.21%
    stny.rr.com 14 538 1.83%
    twcny.rr.com 20 234 2.54%
    verizon.net 12 194 1.53%
    worldnet.att.net 18 817 2.37%
    [2013/10/30 9:40:39] Ian Lian: these are what you gave me
    [2013/10/30 9:40:55] Ian Lian: no cable, no TLD...
    [2013/10/30 9:59:42] Ian Lian: I got only 500k GI data in the files....that's not the dea..I don't need TLD or cable...just GI
    [2013/10/30 10:22:53] Ian Lian: not the deal....please send me more GI
    [2013/10/30 11:52:47] Ian Lian: hey ~~~
    [2013/10/30 12:00:31] alex_br07: Sup
    [2013/10/30 12:01:28] Ian Lian: Got only 500k GI data in the files....that's not the deal...I don't need TLD or cable data..just pure GI
    [2013/10/30 12:02:30] Ian Lian: Can you check it out first?
    [2013/10/30 12:03:15] alex_br07: Hmm ok i will check the data and sete the%
    [2013/10/30 12:03:42] alex_br07: But of only 50%
    [2013/10/30 12:04:00] alex_br07: I will send the rest tomm
    [2013/10/30 12:04:11] Ian Lian: ok...
    [2013/10/30 12:07:39] *** Ian Lian 发送 tld-dable-domainis.txt ***
    [2013/10/30 12:07:55] Ian Lian: here are the domains I dont need....
    [2013/10/30 12:08:01] alex_br07: On phone
    [2013/10/30 12:08:14] Ian Lian: k
    [2013/10/30 12:08:17] alex_br07: Iam on phone
    [2013/10/30 12:08:49] Ian Lian: send it to your email?
    [2013/10/30 12:10:46] alex_br07: Yea
    [2013/10/31 8:09:55] Ian Lian: hey
    [2013/10/31 8:19:35] Ian Lian: Just get up ....
    [2013/10/31 8:25:35] *** alex_br07 发送 GI_testt0003 GI_testt0004 ***
    [2013/10/31 9:02:07] Ian Lian: can't connect...
    [2013/10/31 9:02:13] Ian Lian: can't you send via email?
    [2013/10/31 9:10:12] Ian Lian: still here??
    [2013/10/31 9:15:32] Ian Lian: ????????????///
    [2013/10/31 9:30:22] Ian Lian: can you send them again?
    [2013/10/31 14:42:50] Ian Lian: can't get it.....please send it again
    [2013/10/31 14:59:08] alex_br07: hey
    [2013/10/31 14:59:09] alex_br07:
    [2013/10/31 14:59:35] Ian Lian: can't get them earlier...can you send them again?
    [2013/10/31 14:59:58] *** alex_br07 发送 GI_testt0003 GI_testt0004 ***
    [2013/10/31 15:00:18] Ian Lian: thanks
    [2013/10/31 15:15:56] Ian Lian: still.............too many TLD and Cable................
    [2013/10/31 15:16:30] Ian Lian: gmail.com 328 012 32.80%
    comcast.net 246 681 24.67%
    bellsouth.net 73 443 7.34%
    earthlink.net 45 050 4.50%
    verizon.net 41 473 4.15%
    [2013/10/31 15:16:54] Ian Lian: got only 200k GI here...........did you send the wrong file?
    [2013/10/31 15:18:17] Ian Lian: I can't inbox gmail and comcast etc....they are really useless to me....you can seperate the domains using Send-Safe List Manager
    [2013/10/31 15:25:33] alex_br07: ok i will send rest later
    [2013/11/1 9:14:45] Ian Lian: hello? how about the rest?
    [2013/11/1 16:03:25] Ian Lian: are u around?
    [2013/11/1 16:03:56] alex_br07: I will send you today
    [2013/11/1 16:04:06] Ian Lian: ok...
    [2013/11/1 16:04:08] alex_br07: Ian not home
    [2013/11/1 16:04:20] Ian Lian: k.. will wait
    [2013/11/1 19:31:39] Ian Lian: ?
    [2013/11/1 19:47:14] Ian Lian: You said it's openner data, but here's what I get...
    I got 1m data, and only 50% of them are GI, so I send a test email to the 500k list, then you know what I get? nearly 100k bad domain and bad mailboxes...
    that's 20% hard bounces...I can send you the pmta logs if you want to check it out.
    seriously?????did you really clean the data on ehygienics???????
    or maybe it's just outdated data!!!!!!!!!
    I don't need to pay $500 to get this kind of data............
    that's not the deal,man
    I need new pure GI data.
    [2013/11/1 21:04:42] Ian Lian: please send the data via email...
    [2013/11/1 23:47:01] *** alex_br07 发送 clean_gi-sample-ryan_Aug_02_2013_07_30_01.txt ***
    [2013/11/1 23:47:01] alex_br07:
    [2013/11/3 23:00:20] Ian Lian: Hey!!!
    [2013/11/3 23:01:05] Ian Lian: Hey, just test all the data you gave, and here are the results...

    GI-TEST001,the test data, is the best, got 159k addresses in 159k domains. that's what GI data should be.Only one mailbox for each domain. In fact, if there're more than 20 mailboxes in the same domain, I won't mail it.

    And for all the data, got almost 2 million addresses, but I find 70% of them are TLD and CABLE data when I filter them. and after I send emails to the 600k GI data, half of them are hard bounces!!!!!!!!

    SO Only 300k pure GI data!

    I need pure GI data like the test data you gave me.

    so the bottom line is, no hard bounces, no spamtraps, and for each domain, no more than 20 mailboxes.....I can send you the software Send-Safe List Manager to do the filter step.
    [2013/11/3 23:08:44] Ian Lian: You gave me lots of TLD and CABLE data...including 470k gmail, 324k comcast.net, 102k aol.com, maybe they're good data too....but that's not what I asked, I asked for GI data...NOT the
    [2013/11/3 23:14:54] Ian Lian: I just send the software to your email...PLEASE FILTER OUT PURE GI DATA FIRST, BEFORE YOU SEND THEM TO ME!!!
    [2013/11/4 11:09:21] Ian Lian: HEY!!!
    [2013/11/4 14:02:59] alex_br07: you here
    [2013/11/4 14:14:38] Ian Lian: ?
    [2013/11/4 14:14:57] alex_br07: will you be online today ?
    [2013/11/4 14:15:01] Ian Lian: yes
    [2013/11/4 14:15:21] Ian Lian: will still be here for 6~8 hours
    [2013/11/4 14:15:27] alex_br07: k good
    [2013/11/4 14:16:02] Ian Lian: I send you the software to your email, got it?
    [2013/11/4 14:16:48] alex_br07: yes
    [2013/11/4 14:17:30] Ian Lian: please, filter out REAL GI DATA before you send....
    [2013/11/4 21:19:23] Ian Lian: you here?
    [2013/11/4 21:48:31] Ian Lian: 呼叫alex_br07,无人接听。
    [2013/11/5 0:47:33] Ian Lian: email me the data
    [2013/11/5 0:47:38] Ian Lian: need to go to bed
    [2013/11/5 0:57:33] Ian Lian: Did you send the file PN-single-im-...no idea why I can't see that at computer, I can see that from my iPhone... Can you send it via email?
    [2013/11/5 2:18:25] alex_br07: pleaes give me your email
    [2013/11/5 8:48:40] Ian Lian: hey???
    [2013/11/5 8:49:18] Ian Lian: *snip*
    [2013/11/5 13:04:04] Ian Lian: let me know when you send it
    [2013/11/5 15:40:14] Ian Lian: Have you sent the files?
    [2013/11/5 16:25:41] alex_br07: now
    [2013/11/5 16:25:46] alex_br07: ho much data do i still have to send you
    [2013/11/5 16:40:30] Ian Lian: pure GI? around 700k
    [2013/11/5 16:41:22] Ian Lian: no more than 20 mailboxes in the same domain
    [2013/11/5 16:41:41] Ian Lian: one email for each domain is the best
    [2013/11/6 23:00:22] Ian Lian: Hey hey hey......
    [2013/11/6 23:47:55] Ian Lian: Hey...when will I get the rest??????
    [2013/11/7 2:15:57] Ian Lian: ????????
    [2013/11/8 9:01:07] Ian Lian: Hey, I will be on skype today... you can send me the data here
    [2013/11/8 14:39:43] Ian Lian: Hey, what's wrong??!!
    [2013/11/9 0:30:53] Ian Lian: Send me the rest of the data...Or you can give me back $350 since I only got 300k really GI data.

    If you don't deal with it within24 hours. I will post a thread like "scam by alexbraila90" on BHW...

    Like I said, you sent me the data are not the data I asked, I want pure GI data, not TLDs like gmail, Comcast, etc...

    So, send me the data ASAP, or I will just post it out all around the internet...
    [2013/11/9 0:34:43] *** alex_br07 发送 a.htm ***
    [2013/11/9 0:35:28] alex_br07: here
    [2013/11/9 8:04:08] alex_br07: dude we have diff timezones
    [2013/11/9 8:04:10] alex_br07: when you online?
    [2013/11/9 9:06:41] alex_br07: i woke up in 8 hours
    [2013/11/9 9:06:43] alex_br07: be online
    [2013/11/9 18:32:26] Ian Lian: here?
    [2013/11/9 18:34:18] Ian Lian: just sent you an email
    [2013/11/9 18:34:21] Ian Lian: check it out
    [2013/11/9 18:34:55] Ian Lian: why can't you send the data via email????
    [2013/11/9 22:33:42] Ian Lian: hey~~~
    [2013/11/10 0:30:47] Ian Lian: hey............
    [2013/11/10 0:30:52] Ian Lian: still not enough.........
    [2013/11/10 0:30:54] Ian Lian: here?
    [2013/11/10 1:49:09] alex_br07: yoo
    [2013/11/10 7:21:20] *** alex_br07 发送 aaaaa21.txt aaaaa.txt aaaaa1.txt aaaaa222222s111s1.txt aaaaa2222221.txt aaaaa221.txt ***
    [2013/11/10 18:40:56] alex_br07: Hey
    [2013/11/10 18:51:24] Ian Lian: ?
    [2013/11/10 18:53:41] Ian Lian: got almost 650k GI again...will test them tomorrow
  4. alexbraila90

    alexbraila90 BANNED BANNED

    Jan 3, 2012
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    HAHAHA you make me lol hard ist my fault you are a retard and don't know how to mail, read the fucking can-spam act. Not my fault you been banned. I gaved you what you paid and remove this shit! I wont refund you!
  5. OldSalt

    OldSalt Ex-Mod taking a sabbatical

    May 19, 2009
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    IT Sys Admin
    US, East Coast
    I'm about one breath away from giving you both a one week vacation because of your conduct.

    IanLian - read the SL rules - NO personal info. aka, YOU should clean it up, not me. I just removed the personal data this time.

    alexbrail90, NO personal attacks.

    Both of you, keep it professional - got it?

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  6. alexbraila90

    alexbraila90 BANNED BANNED

    Jan 3, 2012
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    Whats my fault you received complains ?that happens all the time learn the can-spamact rules. you received what you paid for. You contacted me after a month .i bet you dont maintained your list and dont removed your complainers and unsusbribes
  7. ianlian

    ianlian Newbie

    Jun 23, 2010
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    What I bought is GI data, do you exactly know what is GI data?

    You can't remove complainers when you mail GI data..

    And about unsubscribers, I always remove them, but the lashback seed email unsubscribed years ago...
    that's why I got my adstation account banned.

    You are the one who is not selling the right data...you don't even know what exactly is GI data
  8. alexbraila90

    alexbraila90 BANNED BANNED

    Jan 3, 2012
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    really you cant remove complainers? lawl. Anyway you got what you paid the list been scrubbed before selling it to you, i dont care you been banned. \you cant say shit because your account been banned or you been blacklisted that happends all the time even if you have the list scrubbed in likely few weeks if you dont maintain your lists. Hard bounces and traps apear in the lists everyday. and i dont have what to do with that.
  9. OldSalt

    OldSalt Ex-Mod taking a sabbatical

    May 19, 2009
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    IT Sys Admin
    US, East Coast
    Ok, I've looked over everything posted several times and this is my conclusion.

    alexbraila90 was paid $500 for 1 million GI email addresses. Not only were the majority of what he received TLDs, 20% of the GIs were hard bounces. That's in contrast to 159k pure GI emails in your test batch. That tells me that you know the difference and therefore purposely sent him an inferior product. With a 20% hard bounce rate, I also feel you sold him a list that was old. Yes, domains and emails are closed every day - but not 20% of them. That tells me that you either never tested the list or it was quite dated.

    ianlian asked only for $350 of the $500 paid. Although I feel he got very little for what he paid period, I am agreeing with him and you now owe him $350 of the $500 paid.

    Make arrangements for the refund.

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  10. ianlian

    ianlian Newbie

    Jun 23, 2010
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    Thank you very much...
  11. TaxFreeQuid

    TaxFreeQuid Newbie

    Dec 19, 2013
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    Hey Every One,

    I do agree 100% that alexbraila90 is a scammer. He scammed $500 off me a few months back.

    I was looking for pmta to be installed on my servers.And sendlerad mentioned him to me.I approached him on skype to help.

    He insisted I must first pay his set up of fees of $500.I paid.

    Day after day for 2 weeks, he kept promising to do the set up for me and never got pmta set up for me.

    At the end of the 2nd week, it became clear to me that he was merely wasting my business time.

    As a result, I asked him to refund my $500. Within minutes he not only stopped communication, he blocked me on skype.

    Frustrated as I was, I reported him to sendlerad who mentioned him to me.

    sendlerad tried to contact him.He blocked him on skype.

    Without a doubt, alexbraila90 is a scammer and should be avoided.
  12. Paper-Boy

    Paper-Boy Elite Member

    Jun 17, 2009
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    Just wanted to say that I've been scammed by this alex guy before.

    He used a different bhw account but it's kinda funny how he still uses the same skype username.
  13. sendlerad

    sendlerad Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Sep 5, 2007
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    I can confirm what TaxFreeQuid says,
    for some reason Alex was in my contacts for some time, and when I had talked to him before he made a good impression that he is actually professional at setting up mailservers,
    and I was careless I recall that maybe I confused him with other guy here named smith.alfred86 who actually did provide good pmta services.
    Anyway I ended up helping TaxFreeQuid with setup myself, and regretted referring to ''Alex brail''

    and I also did some digging and there is BHW username that matches his skype name, and its already banned-
  14. Paper-Boy

    Paper-Boy Elite Member

    Jun 17, 2009
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    Yeah, he scammed me under that username - alex_br07

    Pretty sure he got banned due to other people calling him a scammer after providing some evidence.
  15. OldSalt

    OldSalt Ex-Mod taking a sabbatical

    May 19, 2009
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    IT Sys Admin
    US, East Coast
    Although I do appreciate people trying to keep BHW a safer place, there are reasons why we don't want people posting in the thread unless they are directly related.

    I had already realized that Alexbraila90 was the previously banned alex _br07 (got a tip via PM and confirmed it). I WAS keeping that quiet for the small chance that Alexbraila90 might actually refund Ianlian if he didn't know he was already caught.


    Then you guys posted on the thread what I already knew vs PMing the person modding the SL (in this case me).

    Now I could remove the posts above since he hadn't logged in since they were posted - but in this case, what happened with TaxFreeQuid and what Alexbraila90 said in his first response:
    There is no real reason to wait.

    Alexbraila90 Perma-banned.
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  16. ianlian

    ianlian Newbie

    Jun 23, 2010
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    so maybe it's not easy to get my money back...