Scaling Back Tools to Appear White Hat

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by tahiles, Oct 21, 2011.

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    I'm sure some of you are doing this now and I need your input.

    While a lot of these Black Hat tools are great if you don't care about long term SEO I'd like to scale them back so I don't actually hurt some of my sites.

    For instance, Scrapebox....if I want to "blast" 4,000 forums, blogs.....etc, TODAY it's a wonderful tool. What if I only want to blast say 100 this month, 100 next month......and so on.

    I hope you get my drift, using Black Hat tools to GREATLY decrease my White Hat hours at the computer.

    If you're doing this, what specific tools do you use for this "scaling back" method.

    Have now: Scrapebox, The Best Spinner, SEO Power Suite. Getting soon: Bookmarking Demon, Article Marketing Robot. On the fence about: Market Samurai, Proxy Goblin, Majestic Seo, No Hands SEO

    Any and all advice appreciated, thanks in advance.......
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    I'm doing this a similar way. I don't use scrapebox on my money site. Just some web 2.0 properties as first layer and on these i use scrapebox. No massive blackhat tools are used on the money site, only on the lower levels.

    Also did some AMR articles on the money site but not too many, i was using the AMR trial version.

    In that strategy i would only use no hands seo for the lower tiers also and add all web 2.0 properties to it.