SB SUCKS blah blah blah doesnt work with Proxies [explanation]

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    I've already posted something about this, but I'll be a bit more thorough this time

    Scrapebox PROXY harvest can harvest and test proxies.

    FOR 17000 proxies, you will average about 300-500 GOOD proxies to use.

    My definition of good is ANON + GOOGLE PASSED (I never use yahoo/bing, just a preference)


    1. Google is hammering down on scraping with proxies, by doing so they have made it more and more difficult to make specific searches
    2. You are using public proxy, which means anyone else who has scrape box and anyone smart enough like yourself to search for online lists is scrapping the same list- using the same proxies as yourself
    3. You are using a terrible private proxy for SB and you need to make sure when you order a proxy it is Scrapebox Compliant\

    REASONS 2 and 3 are problems that tend to be more obvious to the user.

    REASON 1
    tends to be the reason to piss most people off and go SB YOU SUCK and :loser: :loser: :loser: :loser: :loser:

    If you are having Reason 1 it could be the following reason:

    1. You are searching with a special modifier "INURL INTITLE etc.." are special modifiers
    I have stated in my previous post after testing, SPECIAL MODIFIERS SEARCHES GET BANNED after 6-12 CONSECUTIVE SEARCHES.

    THIS does NOT MEAN you cannot search with it, you cannot search with footprints that have "INURL INTITLE" style modifiers BUT you can search with "" quotes and +/- signs.


    Another reason is, THEY have also started banning particular searches that include words that can ACT like a special modifier

    EXAMPLE. "Powered" "PHP" "HTML"

    THEY ban those too! Just not as fast.

    They can also ban you if you using the same amount of "QUOTED" searches!

    EXAMPLE. "1" "2" "3" vs "1" "2" vs "a" "b"

    Google and their banning techniques are ALL different. Which means if your proxies are not working, YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU DO A THOROUGH TEST. before complaining to SB or your proxy provider.

    IF you don't know how to test this yourself, TURN off MULTI-THREADED and fiddle with your footprint, you'll be surprised .... THAT THEY DO WORK!