SB 0% success posting comments.

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    I am having a bit of troubles with Scrapebox, for some reason no comments gets thru.. Here is the story..

    So I post comment, with my real IP, first I test the site to verify that it is auto-approve, then I post a comment without scrapbox, to make sure. And it works, the comment shows up directly. The site is auto-approve.

    Then I try with Scrapebox, Scrapbox, reports success.. But no comment goes live.. So I try again the same comment, on the same site, and then scrapbox reports "Error duplicate comment.".

    But there is no comment from scrapbox there, I cannot see it, and the link checker cannot see it. But if I post myself, I can see the comment directly.

    I have done this to around 100 sites, and it always the same. It works when I do it, but when scrapebox does it, it reports success, but no comments becomes visible.

    I have tested using my real ip and VPN, 100mbit connection. Anyone knows what might be wrong wrong?

    Grateful for any help.

    Best regards.
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    Can you give an example of a link that you are posting with scrapebox? Depending on characters that are in the url your posting, many blogs will encode those characters. So when you try to use the link checker or look for it, its there and if you click it manually it would resolve. However it can't be seen by the link checker because its looking for an exact match and the url on the blog is encoded.

    That would also explain why you get error duplicate, because the end blog is still seeing the link as the link to your url regardless of encoding. Although Ive not really seen the error duplicate like that persay. Are you using slow poster or learning mode addon or what?

    Also try this. Post in your browser, like say firefox, and then jump over to internet explorer and load the page, is your link you just posted there? It could be only showing up for that session and in reality its moderated. That would explain everything as well.