Saved another Dog's life yesterday

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    Yeah.. I did it one more time! Sparky was saved last year.

    On my way back home, really close to my house, I saw a cute puppy on the street. I immediately parked my car near home and went to see who this dog belongs to. Trying to play with the dog, someone came and said it is mine, but you can have it.
    I said no, I just thought no one owns it and I did not want to leave it on the street.
    The man replied, no, you can have it, my family doesn't want me to keep it.

    I took the dog to my house immediately:

    Giving you guys a brief description on how people of Iraq react towards dogs: They hate them, they think they are dirty and it is Haram to touch them. They usually torture dogs, beat them, cut their ears and tales. Children in mass would chase a dog with their shoes on their hands trying to hit it.

    I love animals, especially dogs, so I just couldn't leave this little puppy on the street.. I took it home with me.

    Here I have to introduce you to Ivy, My dog:

    I had to find a good owner for the dog immediately because Ivy was jealous, and she was beating up this little puppy.
    A couple of people were interested, but I couldn't give it to anyone unless I am sure they will take good care of him.

    5 hours later, a family friend passed by, and really liked the dog, they took it.

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    Great job man ! I'm happy to see that there are animal lovers out there. I can't stand when people mistreat animals.