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    I registered a new domain about 4 weeks ago. I hadn't submitted it to google yet, but it already started appearing on it's own about 5 or 6 days ago. Then, yesterday I signed up for 5,000 links from linkplow. This morning at 5am I had an email from them saying the order was complete AND I then searched my domain and it's no longer showing up on google. Any ideas? It couldn't of happened that fast, right?

    I remember years ago, I would sometimes see my domain disappear for a few hours or days and then it would just re-appear and all was well.

    In addition to all this, my Godaddy Adspace still showing ads on google AND my adwords account is functioning and I'm seeing traffic from them.

    Any ideas? PLEASE tell me I didn't get sandboxed! :( If so, I wonder if Linkplow was the cause. I wasn't doing any crazy doorway pages or anything. This was literally a new site that just got finished 3 freaking days ago. If linkplow was the cause, I wonder if I could ask them to reverse the distribution? They ended up sending my 5,000 page order to 16,000 links....of course only a few have shown up on google so far.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. Give it a week and see if it's still not indexed. Many times a new site will get indexed, then deindexed and then re-indexed.
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    You should read my news of the day that i found on this forum
    Unfortunately i cannot post any links here. Just search for "google sandbox & penalty exposed" thread. This post came today so you should easily locate it and after reading it you should get some piece.