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    Hi everyone,

    I hope it's not just me who gets rather a bit annoyed when you're trying to scroll through a thread on the Marketplace's comments (to find reviews), and every other or
    subsequent post contains, "Samples please," "I'd like to seem some samples," "Mind if I see your work? Samples?"

    It clutters up ANY comments section when it involves selling or showing content; and if you don't mind I'd like to propose a simple solution:

    There would be a specific button named "Sample(s)" that correlates or is only available on submitted Marketplace threads, and it sends any registered user who has clicked on it a preloaded sample (or samples) of what that certain post is promoting.

    Now some of you may be wondering, "Well asking for samples does kind of increase the want or necessity of the service from other users, won't this diminish that?" And the answer to that would be "no." Here's why: there'd be a number displayed on the side of the button (maybe on the right) to where every time the "Sample(s)" button is pressed, then the counter will be increased by 1; to show that it is in high demand and B.H.W. users are really intrigued with the particular service.

    Feel free to comment if you agree and/or would like to suggest your own input on the matter.


    Best regards,
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