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Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by squidkai1, May 8, 2012.

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    Good afternoon all,

    Just wanted to touch base with some of those in the offline world as I have had a couple of instances come up over cost and I wasn't sure how to handle them.

    First client I spoke to had a construction business and was spending over $1000 per month on traditional advertising and wasn't getting any results. Mainly radio advertising and print. When we discussed the services that I could offer, he was more focused on the pricing (which was cheaper per month than what he was currently paying) but he said it was just too much. I tried explaining that with web marketing, he would not need any other form of advertising and it would significantly reduce the cost of the marketing budget each month. Needless to say, this guy just didn't get it or I didn't sell him on the value.

    Second client I actually did sign up, they were an IT firm that helped small to medium sized businesses with any IT work needed, but they weren't too happy on the cost of the service. They never had SEO work done professionally, they always in-housed it. When we discussed the pricing they acknowledged that my prices were better than the other local SEO companies they checked around with...I am offering my services at $600 per month for these guys as that was all we could agree upon....but still. I don't think they understood the value and were just focused again on the cost.

    Any info from the BHW would be appreciated, maybe some "how to focus on the value and not the cost" strategies would be very helpful!

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    I'll tell ya, no one ever wants:

    1. To pay what it's worth

    2. Understand that the cost is the cheapest advertising there is!

    I haven't made any sales calls yet, but my seo worth is only going to be $100 a month for local business, and I can already feel the rejections.

    One thing I might recommend is giving them a "try it" price, and when they're comfortable with what it can do you can charge the regular rate. That was one of the recommendations a business owner gave me last week. Another idea I had while in the shower this morning was to set up a google voice number for each of the clients. They could then log into it and see all the incoming calls from the website. This may make or break you depending on if it really is working, but I'm only interested in developing good services for my customers.

    Please feel free to PM me if ya wanna talk some shop.
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    It's the same as copywriting. You have to convince him emotionally, give him some reasons to logically justify the decision, and give him a "risk-free" call-to-action.
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    Show them the ROI. For example, if you can show them how $500-1000/m will get them $2-$3000/m, why wouldn't they sign up.