Safest way to do blog commenting.

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    Hey guys,
    Can you say how many comments i should do with 1 ip?

    My site is new and i have not done any backlink building as yet.
    I plan on doing some blog commenting manually. I have free blog commentor v3 and i heard i will need proxies.

    I will not be spinning any content, i will post legit comments.

    I am looking for a safe way to build backlinks. I have almost no competition for the keyword i am trying to get to #1 Spot on google.

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    If you're manually doing it with all unique content then don't worry about the IP. You need proxies when you're using programs like scrapebox.

    The key is just do what you can and keep it steady. Mix it up with social bookmarks, profile links, and articles. I've spammed new sites with thousands of blog comments using SB and never had any problems.

    If there's no competition then just a few of each thing every day and you'll probably start ranking well in a couple of weeks. Make sure to ping the backlinks once they go live too.
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