Safe to link to external domains in the description?

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    I have like 10,000 (on around 100 accounts) videos up right now which only monetize using watermarks and similar methods. They have been up for up to 6 months on old accounts. In order to increase monetization I was thinking about doing this on these existing videos:

    a) Adding a link to an external domain at the bottom of the description. Perhaps also encouraging people to go there. The link is only marginally related to the video and redirects to an affiliate (not amazon affiliate links or clickbank, an individual affilaite).

    b) Simply spelling out the domain name in a way in which a real link is not created but to still encourage the user to type it in.

    Does anyone have experience with whether or not this will fly with youtube? Also will changing the video description in this way automatically harm the existing video rankings? I know it would have the expected algorithmic impact but is there something else such as it resets the video or an automatic penalty?

    I was pretty conservative and paranoid in putting up these videos so I didn't try to monetize in the above ways as I saw it as more risky. But I see some people with older and new videos getting away with it so I was wondering if I might be able to as well.

    Thank you for any advice or experience you can give. :)
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