Run ads in B/Ads ?

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    Sep 16, 2015
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    Any niche ... on B/Ads ... PM me ... I can run ads .... my B/Ads account, your campaigns, so you have no headache about ban, etc.
    Accounts may get banned, yes, but my accounts last longer than the usual and if any ban, then I rinse and repeat ASAP, so that ads are live all the times you need them to be live.
    Even if your landing page / website has traveled through lots of accounts that were banned, it does NOT matter, I can still do it.
    Am I a scammer or so ?
    Well, I will make your ad(s) go live and you verify it for yourself and ONLY after that you decide further. I do NOT need any upfront at all.
    I will first give you results.
    So, any niche .... just PM me.