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    Welcome to BHW's Copywriting & Sales Persuation Subforum! :)

    Writing convincing ad copy is an often overlooked, yet crucial aspect of internet marketing.
    Many marketers focus on tools and techniques to drive traffic to their sales page, but fail to
    realize that it is only half of the game. Once a visitor comes to your sales page, you need to
    somehow get them excited about buying what you are selling. This is where effective ad
    copy comes into play - otherwise known as copywriting.

    In this section, we invite you to share your copywriting tips, tricks and techniques.
    Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have in relation to this topic.

    What you learn here will greatly benefit you for the rest of your career as
    an internet marketer.

    The Copywriting & Sales Persuasion section is for questions and discussion around the topic of Copywriting - NOT to be confused with Copyrighting. There is a difference. CopyWRITING is the art/science of writing words designed to entice people into buying your product or service, whereas, CopyRIGHTING is all about protecting ones intellectual property.

    Restrictions For This Forum Include The Following:

    - No selling of your products or services. We have authorized sections for that elsewhere on BHW.
    - No promotion of your site or any other Black Hat site.
    - Do not share software, ebooks, audios or videos in this section. We have provided a new
    downloads subsection of this forum specifically for copywriting related products HERE.

    Thank You - "Wiz"
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