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    Rules for the Service Reviews & Beta Testers Help Wanted Section

    This section is intended for members seeking other members to review an upcoming service or product for sale and/or for those seeking beta testers for a new product. This is the only appropriate section for such requests going forward.

    This section is open to all members Jr VIP and above as well as Donors and Marketplace Sellers and is completely free to post. Threads here are moderated by the staff for rules compliance before being publicly viewable.

    This section is free to list but carries a few section-specific rules that need to be follow carefully:

    You should:

    - Post here if you're seeking members to take pre-sale review copies of your product or service.
    - Post here if you're seeking beta testers for an upcoming service/product and you do NOT require any investment and/or fees to be in your beta group (must be free).
    - Use predefined criteria in your request so you attract member-reviewers who best meet your requirements (ex. must have 100 posts, be a member for 6 months and be Jr VIP etc).

    You should NOT:

    - Use this section to attempt to circumvent the Buy/Sell/Trade marketplace rules and requirements in any way.
    - Post convoluted descriptions, feature lists, or screenshots of your products or services in an attempt to make direct sales from this section.
    - Include links in your post to off-site forms to collect user's information, email opt-ins, or any other mechanism used to harvest user information prior to having an approved sales thread.
    - Up-sell services to any member following any type of "free trial" or grace period.

    Threads must comply with the above rules in addition to the general BHW forum rules & TOS.

    Best Practices:

    Use [BETA TESTERS] or [REVIEWERS] tags in your thread title.
    No bumping.
    Don't post veiled advertisements.
    No requests for fake/purchased reviews.
    List any member criteria, system requirements, or work involved up front so all parties have a clear understanding of what is required.
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