RSSNotes, got me index super fast


Jun 17, 2009
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Long story short, had a big problem getting one of my sites index (think I built links to fast).

Started another project meanwhile and thought I would try something new.
This site had no backlinks whatsoever before I tried this, I removed the autoping from it (wordpress) so it should not have been noticed by any other means than this.

I simply put my rss feed up at
and submited my page to mixx. I put up some other site feeds there aswell just for the backlinks but that should really have nothing to do with it.

Don't really know how many hours it took, but hours are good for me! It was an info domain aswell :)

Hope this can help someone, as far as I understand it is a nice way of getting backlinks aswell, the main domain is a PR 4 site (not getting into the pr discussion thou).
Thanks for this tip. I've bookmarked it already and will soon put
to work. Awesome...!!!
Sites like RSSNotes are one of the most overlooked tools out there for getting indexed and building a healthy relationship between a site and the search engines.

Thanks for sharing!
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