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    Mar 24, 2011
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    I would like to develope my own backlink checker, rss builder and rss pinger scripts.

    I know how make a php rss builder for inserting links and agregate all in a valide feed...but

    Where can I find an API / script / class / whatever that allows me to ping services and return the response? I don't know if I'm being clear here but I guess its pretty straight forward what I want to do.

    I would also like to build a backlink checker but the only ideia that comes to my mind is to scrape with the DOM the returned html of a google query and filter it (maybe caching the pages one by one on the drive and filtering it) is there any other way?

    Also I would like to have all this wrapped in some sorte of php/api/class proxie stuff so I can be shielded/ never b*nned from the rss ping servers/services

    basicly I'm a very new programmer learning and I want to build my own bulkping site

    can someone point me in the right directions ? ebooks for this / tutorials scripts? Please?
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    SEO for Big Adult Tubes
    BulkPing Server
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    Im Owner of site ... frankly telling its not that simple as it looks

    coding : $6000 initial price
    private proxies : $1500 month
    maintenance : $700
    2 servers : $350 each
    earning : not even 1 % of what ive invested ... i can bear this because i do seo for my big clients and they pay me for it :)