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    Okay on my recent quest for creating a news aggregating autoblog,by using rss module of WPRobot , I stumbled upon a big obstacle.

    You see I am using one the premium themes for the autoblog which has requires an custom field for featuredimage to be shows next to each story at the homepage.

    However I am having a hard time finding feeds which has <media:thumbnail> enclosure in their rss feeds.

    Is their any custom rss feed builder/scraping service out their which can help create my own custom rss feeds from websites, I know their used to be a service called (now turned into an commercial service) it had a cool WYSIWYG editor which helped you to scrape and create your own RSS feeds.

    Anyways in a nutshell , I am trying to find/create RSS resources which have <media:thumbnail> enclosure in it.

    Any one how create their own rss feeds or know where to find such feeds ?
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