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    Ok, this is not purely mobile marketing, the way I do it is more towards getting followers onto my twitter accounts. But yes, you could promote your links to your contacts on BBM as well, but I do it with a blend of BBM and Twitter

    1. What you need to get started

    You will need more than one blackberry devices. Beginners could get started with one I guess. Get a device that has more proc and ram, something like the newer versions of the BOLD, buy the cheapest working used piece from ebay if you like. If the user says battery is gone, forget it, you can keep it plugged to a charger as it is not going to be a device that youre going to be taking out every day. Once you have the device, you will need a cheap sim card, prepaid maybe, with a BBM only plan. And, you will need a crackberry account.

    2. How to get torrents of contact requests to your BBM

    Create a group on your BBM, make it sound as sexy as possible, something like American Females and stuff. The bad, or good thing about BBM is that each group can have only 30 members. So youre going to need to create multiple groups from each phone. Go crazy, create state wise/countrywise/nichewise groups. Put up the bar codes of the groups in separate threads on forums like at the pin sharing section of
    and related forums. A google search should reveal other popular forums where you can promote your groups.

    When you have about 300 contacts spread across 10 to 15 groups, send them contact requests yourself, and have them all added to your contacts list. Send jokes, or any weird shit or whatever that would make the people happy, depending on the niche of your group. They will reply. Its not much of hard work to become popular among these 300 users if you send your broadcast messages with the jokes or other stuff above. You don't have to make up anything, just google with your phone and copy/paste and broadcast them away. Just try to send out quality stuff and don't make it look boring or automated.

    After a few days, send a broadcast asking them for group invites. 100 out of the 300 members should send you invites. Join those groups. Again the bad thing about BBM is that you can't be a member of more than 30 groups at a time. So the moment you join a BBM group, be sure to add all the members in the group, and delete the group in a day or so and make room for more. You can make your 300 members to 3k in less than a week. Don't spam repeatedly asking for group invites. When you add someone new from a group, he is bound to ask you if he knows you and stuff, just reply to him saying that you added him from some group and you can't really remember which since youve been adding a lot of people, tell them you have good broadcasts and stuff. Spend an hour a day to do this, make a message that sounds like this, and reply to each message individually, you can copy/paste a standard message. This is important, cos if you don't reply for long, they're probably going to delete you.

    Keep sending your 'enjoyable' broadcasts 3 to 4 times a day, try not to send anything thats sent already, never get people bored.

    Once you have about 3k friends, broadcast your twitter handle and tell them to follow you. Be sure to have a decent amount of tweets in your twitter already, keep updating your twitter with enjoyable shit. You get at least 1000 REAL followers in a few days.

    3. How to profit
    You could add upto 5000 contacts in your BBM this way, but after 3000, I find that blackberries get slow. You could delete some contacts who aren't very active in your list and try and add more, or you could get another device. It won't be hard work at all once you get the hang of it. I do my broadcasts and adding new friends when Im in the toilet actually :D

    Rinse and repeat this 10 times over a month, and you get 10k REAL followers on your twitter. Promote your links on twitter, capitalize :D

    Format your phone, start over again, make a new twitter account and get maybe 10k new followers on that account too. There will be duplicates contacts/followers of course, just be sure not to send the same offers from both accounts. And when you have 10k followers on a twitter account, all it takes is some retweetable material that should promote your account further to followers of followers.

    You could send out links on your bbm broadcasts too, but I see people delete you. So better drive them to twitter and do your promotions there.

    Disclaimer :D
    I have just given out a method that I use, I know it is quite rough and vague, it is up to you to fine tune it. If you like it hit the thanks button, but please don't expect me to fine tune it for you over skype or PM. If you have questions, please leave them here and I shall be glad to assist you whenever I can.
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