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    My name is Vincent, I am twenty years of age and I'm living in The Netherlands.

    General information

    Although I am spick-and-span new to the black hat SEO community, I am somewhat experienced at earning money online. For many years I have made money online creating websites and selling them, or buying websites and selling them. I am advanced at HTML and regular at CSS & PHP.

    But it is my most recent project that has driven me to this forum, I've made a website where you are able to buy software to unlock you mobile phone. I felt drawn to instaid of selling the website, using adsense to promote the website and see how many sells I could made. It turned out that for every ?100 I spend at adsense, I would make about ~?220 in sales on a monthly basis. I tried to increase the investment from ?100 to ?200, but the sales stayed the same.


    I am a absolute beginner at back hat SEO, but I am spending my time roaming around the forum. Before I start with my projects, what arsenal should I assemble?

    I think I should get a VPS right?
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    You need a plan before you start buying software. learn about SEO and the kind of backlinks you will need/want to use.

    Then you can start looking at software. Some popular ones are:
    Senuke - "all in one" software ($137 a month)
    Scrapebox - Comment poster, scraper, and so much more ($57 one time fee through bhw)