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    Hello Everyone,

    I like many here, was one who got savagely beaten down by the new google release. I've been thinking about it and there are some changes that I can do to fix my SEO plan. Although I lack some technical know how to fix it. Here is how I currently function and what I'm thinking of changing.

    I'm in the insurance niche (I'm actually a broker who just so happens to focus on IM to market).

    1. I have 5 product driven sites/wp blogs that target on various insurance products (tier 1), 5 products each to be exact
    2. I have about 20 geo targeted sites/wp blogs that pull the RSS from the product sites (tier 1) to fill content (tier 2)
    3. All 20 tier 2 sites use the same contact/quote forms (pages) from tier 1 as well as the a few pages on the main header menu

    This is an obvious problem as I am reposting quite a bit of copy content. Not only that but 20 sites are redirecting to the same quote form/page with the same keywords ect.....

    In hindsight I really put myself at risk operating this, but it was working well pre-penguin release.

    Now the redirect to the tier 1 sites is for a functional purpose and I would like to keep it that way but in the google eyes the is just a massive link farm. So I was thinking of erasing all the reposted content of the tier 2 sites and blocking google bots from crawling any link out side the blog posts (of tier 2) using the Meta Robots. Of course I was slowly going to replenish the tier 2 content with high quality (hand written) unique content interlinking the tier 2 to tier 1 wheel properly.

    I have no idea how to properly change my meta robot as to indicate to google not to follow my widget links to my tier 1, but I think it might help my situation. Any thoughts?
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    Here are the main meta robots tags which you should be considering:

    This tells Google to index your page, but not to follow any links on the page

    This tells Google not to index your page, and not follow any links on the page. This will cause your page to be removed from the serps.

    This should be added in the page source code just before the closing </head>

    If you want Google to follow some links on pages, but not others, then you should be using the rel="nofollow" tag on the individual links you don't want followed.

    [FONT=monospace]<a href=" rel="nofollow">[/FONT][COLOR=#000000][FONT=monospace]blah, blah[/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=monospace]</a>[/FONT][FONT=monospace]</p>[/FONT]
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