RIP Trayvon Martin - Petition

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    I'm sure quite a few of you have heard the story. Excerpt from the NY Times below. I just listened to the 911 calls..pretty messed up. It looked like the man who shot the kid (George Zimmerman) was out to kill that night, no joke.

    Full link to the story is:

    Sign the Petition:

    The purpose of the petition is to have the DA's office file charges against George Zimmerman (the shooter). It'd be great if you guys could help this family out by signing the petition.

    The shooter is claiming self defence, but that's ridiculous. He literally followed the teenager (as you will hear in the audio tapes). After reading a bit about the story and seeing the teenagers family in such pain, I felt this was the least I could do to help (spread the word). This kid had his whole life ahead of him. The whole story makes me sick.

    Also, let's not let this thread get political, as the mods do not like that.

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