Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympics

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    Hi guys - complete noob at this here but I liked the idea of olympic websites since there'll be so much traffic leading up to the event so I registered a whole bunch of olympic domains and pretty much every combination for paralympics since it wasn't taken as yet (surprising), all of which has Rio 2016 in it. I'm just trying to figure out how best to monetise it - would it be selling it? Through Flippa? I noticed one exactly the same as mine for London 2012 sold for $45k there, could it be a hoax?

    Sorry I can't list the domain names since I've only just joined, but there's like 20 of them.

    Otherwise what's the best way to monetise it other than selling it? Have a Rio info website geared to the olympics/paralympics and then redirecting the other domain names there (make money through affiliates and Adsense)?

    Thanks guys - appreciate your help since I'm a total newbie at this.
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