revtwtcom is a scammer.


Apr 26, 2014

I funded my revtwtcom account with $50 after reading a method on here. I spent about $10 and it wasn't converting into any lead. So, I want to withdraw the remaining, about $40. I contacted them about 3-4 times already in about a month time but they haven't responded even one time. I just hope I get my $40 back, because I really need them.

Hope someone who knows them can forward this message.

Sorry for posting in the lounge, but it seems I can't post in the s hit list section yet.
Well, I mean, you did deposit $50 to them. If they state that deposits are nonrefundable (like they are on Themeforest, etc.) then you are out of luck. Not really a scam IMO.

That being said, you can always just do a chargeback with your bank if it's that big of a deal.

Good luck,

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