Revolution in Rusia, how to monetize?

Do you know Russian? If you do you could start a site detailing "insider news" on the situation and possibly promote some CPA email submits for "insider info."
i don't think there are many ways...maybe start stealing something, that's what people do on revolutions :)


no idea how to do monetize, but i don't think there will be a revolution in Russia anyway
Figure out all the different sides ... seems to be an incumbent side, an opposition side and the communist side.

Make a different facebook fan page supporting each side, promote them and hopefully they'll start to grow on their own.

A month or two from now when everyone has forgotten about it ... start spamming your list.

The hard part is going to be figuring out how to monetize Russian traffic.
Let me know if anybody needs translation from English to Russian.
fb page: 100,000 likes and I'll give you all free burning torches.
The way I know Facebook, they'll cooperate with the Russian government to take down any page that might demote their current president.

Let me know if anybody needs translation from English to Russian.

Are you a native Russian?
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