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[Review] URPAD (K-disk, Root Level, FTNHosting) SUSPENDED PAID hosting without BACKUP

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by dragondf, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. dragondf

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    May 15, 2010
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    If you need a hosting company I'd like to suggest you to choose another company.
    URPAD aka K-Disk, Root Level, FTNHosting is not a good option.
    Support is horrible! They can not solve SPAM problems (it looks like its SpamAssassin does not work), my clients could not send email to Hotmail and Yahoo (rejection). Blacklisted IPs!

    I have never read about a company that SUSPENDED a server because they could not SOLVE the problems and insert in the client the "cause of the suspension" (some tickets for the same reason).

    Here is my review. Not the complete one, but you can have idea about what is this company called URPAD.

    I want my FULL BACKUP data, URPAD! The last one and actual data.
    This is only the POINT of the Iceberg.

    As K-disk and Urpad do not like to reply support tickets I will start this thread asking the most important thing:
    SERVER CONTINUE SUSPENDED and I can not get my data:
    One domain's sample

    E-mail message I received in 06/Oct/2013 (SUNDAY):

    24 hours? In a e-mail message sent in SUNDAY. \o/
    I think they are NOT married and have not family.

    Can you (member) see the subject of the message? It was created by me:
    In spite of to solve this problem, they prefer KICK the ass of their client without creating a FULL BACKUP DATA for a server that I can use for the next 2 months. One month (August) I needed to pay twice and the second free month for a BAD service that generates a lot of problems.

    As the members of that "company" are NOT trying to solve a problem their team created for a client, I will give the opportunity they explain one thing:

    Chris wrote:

    This is NOT TRUE. And people (a Cpanel's specialist) from the new server provider tried to do it and it WAS NOT POSSIBLE for them and neither for me.
    His WHM setup makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the user to BACKUP ALL SERVER. And no, I am not a hacker.

    He replied only the info he wanted to look like the correct provider that has a BAD CLIENT (insultant'S one).

    Anyone here knows that it is NOT possible to get out a server in 24 hours depending of the size of the server. Imagine this in the WEEKEND without a new provider?

    I think Chris does not know too, but his TEAM NEEDED MORE THAN 2 MONTHS (MONTHS) to make the migration from DreamHost to his server.
    Oh, I needed to pay for this time, too, WITHOUT USE IT. I can prove it too. His team did not know how to move from a NOT CPANEL's server. I needed to do anything by me, except the help I received with email data (unzip in a specific folder).

    So, he did not do what he wrote in the WHT's thread:
    #1 MASTER RESELLER ~ 15GB Disk, 500GB Transfer + FREE Addons - ONLY $3.77/mo <-- HOT!, posted by FTN-Chris (Disabled from the forum)
    He is Disabled in that forum.

    "How long have you been in business?
    K-Disk Networks has been in business for over 5 years.

    Do you offer backups?
    Yes, we do process backups. These backups are done every night at midnight. The files are stored in an off site server. Your data is safe with us.

    Do you offer free migration?
    Yes we do! Just submit a ticket!"

    You can read my post in the 2nd page of this thread.


    Why is the "as fast as possible" so important to it?

    And in his mind and ONLY IN IT, 24 hours is enough to move a server.
    Sunday is the day of the LORD, not of the KDISK or URPAD's day.
    I do not have to read emails during weekend.

    URPAD (K-disk) SEND MY DATA TO MY NEW SERVER'S PROVIDER if you do not want to send it to me.
    What it is MINE is not YOURS. This is the basic of any contract.

    Refund will be very good, too. But I want first THE ALL ACCOUNT'S BACKUP.
    It is important to remember: URPAD did it UNILATERALLY.

    I will calculate all problems I had with their service and the months I paid for a NOT working service. Sure Chris will refund everything and I will be glad to post it here.

    Please, URPAD!
    Your support is horrible but you can do the CORRECT thing.

    Show to everyone over internet you can SEND THE LAST UPDATED'S data.

    I'd like to post PRINT SCREENS to show to everyone what I am talking. Can I do it URPAD?