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    I went ahead and purchased Twidium Accounter and Inviter about a month ago. I've been using them to manage about 250 twitter accounts. Thought I'd give folks my review in case they are considering purchasing this software.

    Twidium Accounter

    Very good program over all. You import accounts (from a csv or text file), and work with as many or as few per project as you want. Accounter and Inviter are both limited by Twitters API search limit of 180 calls (per 15 mins I think).


    Profile Change - here you can change profile information for accounts. I create accounts totally naked, confirm the email and then use Accounter to batch 'dress up' my accounts with photos, bios, locations, backgrounds and headers.

    My only complaint with this function is that it pulls photos in order from the specified folder. That means if I do 5 separate batches in a day, the photos get reused. I have a manual workaround for this but it would be ideal if there was an option to chose a photo at random (I have a folder of 3000 photos), thus lowering the chance of reuse (without setting the program up to delete photos after they are used, which I don't want either). Same problem with backgrounds, locations, URLs and bios. The ability to pull these at random would be a big plus.

    Still, the ability to take 100 accounts and change their bio, location, password, background, avatar, etc is quite nice.

    Tweet Posting - simple and effective tweet poster. I scrape tweets from accounts and build large files of tweets then setup my accounts to tweet from that list once or twice a day. Makes them look/feel more organic. There's an option for adding hashtags and photos from a folder - very well put together. You could also use this to schedule tweets but you don't get a lot of control over that aspect.

    Retweet posting
    With this module you can retweet by tweet ID sequentially or in a random order. The tweet IDs have to be stored in a file which is a little cumbersome. This is one of the weaker elements of the program - you cannot setup auto retweeting of a single or multiple accounts and you have to manually get tweet IDs. None the less, it's full of customization about timing and limits for retweets. Useful, but not as slick and awesome as it could be.

    Replies posting
    I don't use this module at all so I can't give you a review but it appears to automate replies based on keywords.


    Proxy checker
    Built in and useful for checking whether a proxy will work with twitter. Light weight, no filtering by country or speed but nice to have built into the program if you plan to use proxies.

    Tweet scraper
    Give this module a username and it will scrape tweets and store them in a text file. It can also scrape multiple accounts and save them to one big file or into individual files. Several customization options about handling scraped links, etc. Works well (though you're limited by the number of requests the API allows). You get about 1000-2000 tweets per account (assuming they have that many to scrape).

    Overall I give this program a B+. It does what it claims to do and has been reliable. Customer support has been responsive whenever I've emailed and I haven't gotten many accounts suspended (and those that have been suspended get restored once I send an email requesting it).

    This is NOT a TweetAttacks or TweetDemon replacement -- your best bet is to use this software when you're getting new accounts aged and up and running and when you want to do large batches of retweets.

    Hope this helps.
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    SocialHammer Team
    Thank for your review!
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    Nice review. Thanks man! :)
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    i will give try thanks