Review or Non Reviewed Directory for Maximum Revenue?

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    I bought a PR7 domain name awhile ago on flippa roughly 5 months ago and I have used it to give link juice to my other sites. Anyway I turned it into a directory about a month or so ago and submitted to the popular directory list website such as directorycritic and best-directories. Those alone are bringing the majority traffic to my site.

    You can visit my directory here: chicagoixDOTcom.

    As for stats I am receiving 150+ submissions daily. I put a flag widget that comes with phpLinkDirectory in the right sidebar which is hopefully impressing some actual visitors that view the directory.

    I don't know how accurate it is but the widget is saying the directory has had almost 20 million page views and uniques 800,000 from India.

    The Alexa ranking grew from 2 million a couple months ago to almost in the 50k.

    Traffic estimate: 400-1000 uniques per day

    Ok so my main problem is the directory is taking a lot of my time every day and this is due to it being human reviewed. I have set strict guidelines and the majority of the submissions I receive have multiple errors and spammy as h*ll. Because of this my directory only has about 500 listings. If I accepted all of them it would probably be around 5,000.

    As far as profits:
    When I first started it was:
    Paid: $5

    And now it is:
    Express (Faster review time and 1 deeplink)
    Featured Yearly $15 (up to 3 deeplinks)
    Featured Forever: $25 (Up to 5 deeplinks)

    With the list types I am using now I average on most days at least 1 sale a day it has gone up to $100 once.

    I know featured is expensive, so I may bring the price down.

    So because you guys are the masters :) I would like to get your opinion on this matter.

    Would you recommend me keeping it review only or setting it up as basically automatic. I know one of the problems with having it automatic is getting penalized by Google for having spammy and crappy sites on my directory.

    I guess I could alternatively remove most of the guidelines I have and quickly skim over all the listings I receive per day and remove any that look spammy.

    One last thing recently I moved from phpMyDirectory to phpLinkDirectory and I forgot to redirect my www to my non-www and for a little while they each had as two different PR values. The www one was PR5 and the non-www was PR7 and after redirecting they both show up as PR5 which sucks, but hopefully it will come back up, if not PR5 is still fine! :)

    Anyway I appreciate your guys help! :D