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    A site of mine has been slipping in the SERPs the past few months and it's massively hurting my CPA earnings so I've been trying everything I can to improve. I see some promise with Dripable and I do want to keep going with it to see how much it can do for me.

    The Stats
    Broad search volume: 49,500 global and 40,500 local; $0.78 CPC
    Exact search volume: 12,100 global and 9,900 local; $0.65 CPC
    Unquoted search results: 4,190,000
    Quoted search results: 108,000
    Site PR: 2
    Site age: 2 years

    First Impression
    The entire interface is very professional and user-friendly. The front page is well laid out and simple, and even offers a direct competitor comparison. I don't like however that the home page is a little too wide for my PC's 1024 monitor (old school monitor, gotta upgrade). It looks fine on my laptop's wide screen, but on the PC the package display boxes extend past the edge of the screen and it just bothers me as a web designer.

    The prices seem very reasonable though a little higher than their former Rankuply service (or maybe the two services are just somehow affiliated), which I was happy with for the short time that it lasted.

    When you get a free trial, they make you go through Plimus and enter payment details to continue automatic billing after the free trial expires. That was fine with me, but after entering my details and going back to Dripable, it told me my account creation had failed and to try again. So I did it again like it said and it still gave me the same error.

    Ended up waiting 5 minutes and the error went away, but I still had to contact support because I ended up creating two subscriptions which would have double-billed me every month. Maybe it was Plimus' API at fault or something in Dripable's coding, but it needs to be fixed or there will be lots of headache and confusion.

    Support can take a few days to reply which is a bit unfortunate but it hasn't caused me any problems so far. I wish the replies were a little more personable and happy. I like companies that are like, "Hey Patrick! Thanks for contacting me, I would be glad to help you with your issue" and then go on to solve my problem or even recommend some other things I might find useful. But Dripable still gets right to the point and tells you what you need to know, so I can't complain.

    The Service
    This is the one thing that has really made me smile so far. My site used to be ranked 4-5 for my keyword, has been stuck at 10-12 for the past few months no matter what I do. One week of Dripable and I am at rank 6!

    I am blasting straight to my main domain. I've never seen any damage because of straight blasting so don't tell me I'm committing some kind of online suicide. I've only ever seen improvement. This may be due to my site's age.

    The free trial currently is advertised at 600 links per day (300 profile/300 blog) but I am seeing consistent overdelivery which is really great. I usually get around 453 profiles and 331 blog comments making a total of 784, nearly a 31% overdelivery.

    I am feeding all of my daily reports through Linklicious' free account with a 300/day drip rate.

    I am seeing increased CPA earnings because of the increased rank.

    Interface and Reporting
    Reports are delivered consistently and are separated into blog/profile reports. I have gone through some of the reports and hand-picked a few links. All of the blog comments I picked were always there, but the pages do have high OBL which is to be expected. Some of the profiles were in foreign language, but that's expected too.

    There were 3-7 EDU links in each report though most were foreign.

    The interface can be a little confusing at first if you've never used a drip feed service, but it's really rather simple once you take the time to look through it. You can easily specify links, keywords, etc. To aid you, there are text tutorials with screenshots and some video tutorials, and I think they are working on more videos.

    My site is old. If you start blasting 600 links per day to a new site, I doubt you will see immediate improvement. Likely, your site will stay stagnant for a while, drop in ranking temporarily, and/or dance.

    Also, I've only posted my main keyword stats here, but I'm using 3 keywords total in Dripable. I don't know how evenly they are distributed but just assume only 33% of the links are using my main keyword and I've still seen the rank 10-12 to rank 6 jump.

    Before I get those "you're just doing this for a longer free trial" replies. Yes, I am posting my opinion of Dripable for a longer free trial. Deal with it.

    So Far...
    I am pleased with the service. They could improve the things I mentioned - the payment issue at the very least. If you guys would like, I will keep the thread updated in the coming weeks with rank changes.

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    i also had good result with their trial