Review My Yet To Submit Salespage Please!


Nov 14, 2008
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Hey mates,

I am going to release this product and it's at


Any comments?

I think you should work a little bit more on justifying the price, you should center the main subtitle, I would also change the site's background (maybe just white instead of those stripes).
I like the "as seen" strip at the top. Pretty ingenious.

I would look at putting more meaty content onto the page. How will this book help them, maybe some more interior pics, state how this book could save them thounsands. Maybe a little less on the sell,and more on how it will benefit really
at a glance looks good, to seal the deal you should put before and after photos of interior designs. If you can get video testimonials with their home will be excellent!
Just a few pointers:

Bring the margins in at least 30px to give more whitespace - makes it easier to read. At the moment it is a bit wide...

Make your header a little smaller so the video sits above the fold.

Headline should only serve to get attention - with a hook that makes people want to read. Don't use the word "cheap" bad word for sales.

Your copy needs to be more believable. The story line is okay but needs a bit more realism. Things like burning down the home but my husband stopped me...

Needs to be more personailsed as though you are have a conversation with someone. Read your copy aloud and then think about if you are selling face to face - would you say the same things?? The copy switches between "here the book I found" and he what I have got for you....keep it constantly in one or the other and in the first person all the way through....

Also The answers I needed in one convenient place: "Interior Design Superstar: The Superstar for your Interior Design".

I did a quick search online and found brice coopers blog. The implication of that part is that you can go get this information free...What you need to sell customers is that this is exclusive information that you have put together....

Get snippet of info out of the book, and use them for "bullets"

Something like can buy persian rug from TDX's for just $40...turn this into something like....

Uncover Exclusive Hotspot Where You Can - Get drop dead gourgeous persian rugs for 90% less than what the celebrities pay but with the same quality. These will make your home look like you have just spent thousands of dollars...

You want details and facts - so people know that you know what you are talking about. So ad some depth to the copy.

Spend some more time explaining the benefits of getting the book. Also would pay to have audio/video version of the book...Should sell fine at 77 or 97 then....

You need a decent close and call to action, you have none...

I wouldn't do a price drop, I would simply do comparison with what you would pay with a designer

Graphics are okay and look nice -background should be fine if you pull in your margins
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