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    I'm familiar with Adwords and have a good idea about keyword research etc but would like some advice regarding a new project i have started working on.

    It is as an affiliate for, i've made a landing page (PM me if you have a spare 5 minutes to review it and offer suggestions) and got a good keyword rich domain.

    Has anybody else had good success working with this program?

    For example the keyword "reverse phone lookup" gets silly amounts of traffic but i didnt get a single click in 2k impressions so I pulled it. I've made individual targeted ads to 20 different lower traffic keywords using PHP to integrate the relevant keyword into the landing page (?keyword=keyword-used-on-page). Even with this "trick" my QS hover at 5... go to 7... then drop to 5 after several hours.

    I'm just hoping someone can give me some tips, maybe i should concentrate more on short form offers instead of ones where the customer has to pay... ?

    Any advice or tips will be gratefully received (+rep!)
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    I think that Reverse Phone lookup is something I've used to see if it was a land line that called me or cell phone but I never took it to the next level of paying to see who called me.

    There are other ways to find out who has called you, my fav is using google voice and sms and texting the person whom has called you.