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    May 5, 2010
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    This section of BHW does not get updated very often, unfortunately. Understanding basic business principles is key in order to run a successful business. I think that the BHW community lacks basic business advice that can help a business be organized, professional and legal.

    Many of the topics I will dig in to are going to be basic. Topics are going to be aimed at every person trying to start a profitable, money making strategy. My articles will not be geared towards any specific niche, or even internet marketing, but rather towards any person that is managing a business.

    The topics covered will include accounting practices, finances, contracts, law, separating personal life from work, communication, marketing, brand names, math in business, permits/licenses, investing, ownership type, importance of goodwill, personnel management, customer service, foreign markets, vertical & horizontal takeover/startups, basic economic concepts and many, many more that might be discussed.

    I'm hoping to see people ask questions and really explore proper management/administration techniques for their business.

    Even if it's the best idea in the world, if one doesn't know how to operate a business, then it's bound to fail.