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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by chhhad, Nov 3, 2012.

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    I'm looking at the #2 ranker for "electronic cigarette" on Google, a "Top 3" type site. It looks like an ugly collection of thin content with the money post at the top. Here's where it gets interesting. All 3 of the reviewed products lead to different websites operated by the same company. That's a smart marketing tactic! You can't lose if you're the only option!

    Anyway, then I looked at South Beach Smoke and their backlinks. Found this PR8 link from a sitemap:

    And what is this doorway page, It had this read on the homepage with a link to South Beach Smoke...

    There's some kind of HUGE and very intricate backlink pyramid going on but I want to know more and how it works! They are ranked at the top for "electronic cigarette" "buy electronic cigarette" "buy e-cigarette" and many more...
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    Nothing really fishy there, maybe the big letters linking to homepage?

    Apart form that, they have 3 domains redirecting to them, and to those 3 domains - a shitload of spam links (pages with viagra links on them for example), Chinese anchors for their keywords (the keywords in Chinese), guest books, profiles, basically every spam link you can think of. The interesting thing was, some of the domains with pages with 100+ OBL containing viagra, porn, etc links had a seomoz authority of 50+! Fun stuff!!! Might take a look deeper later on.