Restricting VPN encryption to SINGLE windows user

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by Ambassy, May 3, 2016.

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    Since obtaining a Danish proxy seems impossible ( I went ahead and used a VPN (HideMyAss) instead to obtain a Danish IP.

    In order for other programs to run on my server as well I decided to only run the VPN on a guest account so I can use other programs on my server as well (on other windows users) that shouldn't be proxied by the VPN.

    However, I realize that whenever I turn on the VPN on one account it effectively encrypts all traffic on ALL windows users (not just the one logged in). This is regardless of whether or not the Windows has administrator privileges.

    This truly baffles my mind. Does anyone know how to restrict the VPN encryption to ONLY encrypt the connections from the Windows user running the VPN?

    My only solution right now would be to run the VPN in a virtual environment in order to truly encapsulate the encryption. This seems like an excessive approach however, and I avoiding this would certainly be preferable.
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