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    Kooday is a new search engine that is doing things differently.
    Other Search engines use a bidding system and pay-per-click fees to link websites to keywords. (like Google Adwords). This is how they make most of their money and have gotten very rich. Kooday is not going to compete with these types of rules. Kooday is making it completely affordable for anyone to link their website to any search word. Anyone can link their website to any keyword by purchasing the Keyword or if the Keyword is too expensive they can simply pay a very small fee to the owner of the Keyword. Kooday allows any person to own Keywords. This means that you make the money when someone wants to link their website to Keywords. Profit -Share-Credits are given when someone buys a Keyword. Kooday has a referral program that can earn you some serious money. When you have referred a person that buys Keywords or Links website to a Keyword you get commission.

    5 Ways to Earn with Kooday
    Kooday offers people the chance to buy keywords and profit from them. They can earn in several ways;
    1. Buying keywords earns profit share credits allowing participation in the profit sharing compensation plan.
    2. Keywords sold earn 15% profit.
    3. Sites linked to keyword earn 50% of site link cost.
    4. Referral commission 10% on keywords bought and 30% on site linking fees.
    5. Popular keyword bonus (coming soon).

    Kooday is officially going to launch TODAY.. :)


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    ive seen better products launches