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    Hey guys,

    Because it is not possible to open a thread in the social media corner, i have to do it here. I am looking for a good, steady and reliable reseller panel of smo. It doesnt even have to be the cheapest. The most important thing is delivery time, the orders have to be delivered within the time that is promised. I have used a couple now, but every time somehting goes wrong (don't know if i can name them). It looks like i am using panels that have to process the orders manually. It seems they are using an other panel as their source.

    Do you resellers with experience have any tips for me? Is there something as a reseller panel that processes the orders immediately and automatically, or is this just something that does not exist. Again i am willing to pay more for good quality. Those cheap panels arent working for me

    Thanks in advance. :D I really appreciate it.

    This could seem like a stupid question for some of you, but as my status states; i am a newbie
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    world end
    Go to marketplace section on social media, there are a lot of offer fir that you can choose the best offer yourself
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    Welcome to BHW! Not impossible to post there but you're new and the moderation system
    is probably catching something you were typing.

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    sometimes is not panel fold but the social net. service you ordering for example youtube views takes in most of the times 6-8h to just show movement and up to 24-48h to complete 1k - 5k views this days

    same time you have to understand social networks such as youtube, facebook, twitter etc.. is a huge huge inc. they have more then 1000's coders 24/7 changing thinks, moving thinks, adding thinks so when you go to panels they usually have 1-5 coders working in there so if for example youtube changed algos or disabled api or decide to delay updates it will take at lease few days for panel coder to even figure out wtf just happens and how to solve that and by the time they do solve that the new changes from that social network will kick in

    so from all this said when you referring to if there's instant/stable panels at lease specify which service you referring to as there's is a lot of them and only small % of those services are instant for example sound cloud plays/downloads in most of the time you will find them instant as they haven't did any kind changes to algo in past year or more the bug is flying around and they do nothing about

    it is still magic that this panels still up as literally 1-2 years ago to get 5-10mil youtube views on 1 video in 6h hours anyone could do it some people would even offer buy 1 mil and get 5mil free lol and few years latter (today) if you get 5k on your video is already progress and big deal lol

    or tw followers few years back you could do them millions in matter of minutes and now if you get them too fast all those followers accs. will be suspended all followers will be drooped and if you get lucky your account wouldn't get banned

    sooner or latter they all will die basically as those social networks improving them self's thx to those panels for exposing the bugs and methods on how they do it
    is easy to crack down how they cheated when you owner or working for owner of such social networks and panels they not gone a help them but they will sell you simple for literally under a $1 in most of the time

    EDIT: oh and yeah the answer to your question there is no stable panel in this world and if there is then they only provide 1-2 services that they not re-sell and doing them self and that's why is stable because they only can do that and that only in most of the cases such services that stays stable long time as early mention it would be ex: soundcloud or keek or vine or other unfamous social network and in most of the cases anyone who can code can do them also instantly and stable but when comes down to famous big players social network you wouldn't find a stable one but don't take just my word for it go a head and check out feedbacks in BST social media and you will see it for your self
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    There is staff work involved mostly on all service. Like you ordered instagram likes then staff will add links on instagram bots and process order. So for sure that will delay for 1-3 hour . Like twitter retweet script work on web so that will deliver instantly without problem.

    There is always staff work involved. No one can provide fully automated all service.