Resell FB / GMAIL accounts in Taiwan

cootie p

Aug 27, 2018
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Hi, bros. I am definitely a newbie in this section but hope you can give me valuable advice to my planned project to earn extremely low margin in reselling.

I plan to resell FB / IG / Gmail accounts in Taiwan or Hong Kong. I noted some sellers such as and, the accounts provided are registered in different countries most likely in Russian and CIS countries. I wonder whether my potential clients once open the account then get flagged and need to do the PVA . It is a bad experience since all my competitors claimed their accounts for sale are all registered in local clean ip and ready for login without proxies or vpn.

I google a whole day. I simple conclude 3 main factors to avoid accounts being flagged or even locked.
1. keep static ip address after opened in first few days.
2. use private proxies and assigned to each account one by one.
3. or simple add mobile phone number or more information in the profile.

Then I do a small check, I open a new FB account in Tor Browser with ip address located in United States. Then I log in the new account with only email address and pw via my iphone with lte network in Hong Kong. It is normal and no request to PVA or do security questions.

Questions come !! Which kind of product should i choose from those sellers ? Email verified one with cheaper price earning more money or PVA one to keep my clients' accounts lock-proofed. Or I ignored some important points, all the accounts reopen in different locations which should do PVA or even locked at once, my plan turn down because i can't beat my competitors ?

Please offer me some guides brother. Plus I clearly understand the above question should eliminate extreme cases that i need more effort to handle. I only assume the condition that my client read all my guidelines , open the account in residential ip address / private proxies without logging in more than 5 accounts. His device does not come cross more than 3 social accounts also.

Thanks for all reading long passages.