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    I'm going to be spending the next month or so trying to educate myself enough to begin to create a working PBN for my small business. As I understand so far all it takes is one mistake and you've thrown your money away. Being that I will be building it over the course of a few months I think I should be able to spend about 1k on it. I'm planning 500-1k, not wanting to waste money on hosting for crap sites. I want to fill out my budget without F**king up, but i'm also a bit nervous to spend more working capital then needed on something I could easily F**k up.

    Questions I already have.

    1. If i subscribe to a VPN to use while setting up hosting from one computer I assume "who is data" that will be captured at the moment of registration, and will show the same constant internet provider if I do them all from home. Am I wise to begin different hosting accounts from different computers if possible? I could register one from a library, one a friends house, one from mom's house, etc.?

    I read somewhere to make some hosted sites private and others public as to create one layer of randomness, to me it seems like a dumb idea, but I'm a rookie.

    Is a operating from behind a quality VPN enough?

    2. While I'm spending time reading and listening to podcasts about PBNs is their something I can safely start out doing? Should I be shopping for domains? Now that i'm putting this in writing i'm realizing maybe I should be writing content of some sort? Making up fake profiles etc.

    3. I'm subscribed to moz i think i'm going to swtich to majestic or ahrefs. Im going to add one service before I buy domains, and cancel moz after. Any thoughts on which one is better.