Research & Development - Why is Google not indexing this? Willing to $$$ for good advice.

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    We have a total of 3 domains, 2 are domain aliases, pointing to the same folder on the webhost. All domains are only a couple of days old. They are all .com's with PRIVATE registration from day 1. They are hosted on the same HG account.

    In this folder is a SINGLE but custom Wordpress install. Different content is displayed depending upon what domain name is requested by the browser. There are NO interlinks.

    The theme being used across all domains is the default wordpress one. All file references have been mapped correctly. If you view source on the websites, there is NOTHING referencing any other domain.

    So basically we set up domain A, then set up 2 more pointing to the same folder as A (HG add on domains). Once again, every domain is displaying unique content.

    Domain A is shown as being indexed by Google but the other 2 have no results when searching

    I've learned about different IP addresses and such, but the domains are NOT interlinked and each displays unique content.

    Why are the aliased domains not being indexed? We are willing to pay for some good advice to get this resolved. Otherwise my project is dead in the water. From what I have read this should work in theory, but is Google picking up some footprint?

    I know that some form on this setup should work, because on of my competitors is doing it with all their domains indexed.

    Please help!!!
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