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    I'm looking for custom made application, that will post to Wordpress blogs(think of it as a personal network).
    Don't need to be beautiful, but useful. Something like this:

    1. Provide a file(txt, dat and etc.) with blogs, users and passwords in some format(ex. domain|username|password).
    2. Text area where I'll provide a content in spin format({|}).
    3. Box where I can write in how much blogs to post. (If I have 100 and I want to post just in 30 of them. These 30 need to be randomly selected from the list.)
    4. Pulling out and show the URLs of the posted articles in the same text area(or not?).
    5. Normal things like progress bar, errors and etc.

    I prefer Java as a language because of the cross-platform ability.

    Post your time and price here, cause I can't use my PMs(I think, didn't tried).