[REQ] The Facebook Wheel Method

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    i found it in cpa lead marketplace, it looks promising, can anyone share it please?

    here is the ad:

    This is a new method that have never been published before . The method is about an innovative theory that we have discovered when we were trying to improve our facebook traffic.

    The major part of facebook marketers remember the days where they were able to send a mass load of friend requests in a short period of time without getting their accounts deleted.

    Unfortunately,a few months ago, facebook started blocking accounts after sending a limited number of friends requests.

    This method will bring the golden days back since it will allow you to send up to 800 friend requests from each account daily without the risk of being blocked.

    Now you can imagine the crazy amount of traffic it can generate in a short period of time.

    The method doesn't cost anything to implement and the ebook is really detailed so that beginner internet marketers can understand it.

    This method can be implemented quickly.

    In this method:

    -How does facebook detect internet marketers' accounts?
    -Complete explanation of the wheel theory.
    -Experiments that we went through to establish the theory.
    -How to create the wheel?
    -Benefits of the facebook wheel.
    -False rumors about facebook.
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  2. Blare


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    Sounds like a bunch of bullshit.
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    Jan 4, 2009
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    for real - even if you are cloaking and masking they know who you are.
    I hate when "marketers" sell ebooks...if they would only understand the principle of giving away product in return for higher consulting or project fees....