Req Help: Scrapebox showing Posting Success - 1000 Do-Follow on-topic blogs - 1 anchor

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by galantix360, May 10, 2011.

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    Hi Guys, Greetings to Admins, Mods and Members. Ive been using SB for just over a year now becoming proficient slowly but surely thanks to a few excellent SB tutorials Ive read and implimented. I wouldn't consider myself to be a noob. neither an expert, I guess kind of intermediate. Now then. I have carefully harvested 1k plus quality do-follow blogs - all niche related, and have blasted them with heavily spun comments using TBS. I should also mention I always use Private Proxies too. As far as quality of comments is concerned, I always use a girls name and surname (apparently the success rate is better) and I never put an anchor link in the message body, - well, I didn't on this occasion. I did a SB blast to 1k+ wordpress blogs - all of which were checked using "alive check" as well as "Blog Analyser" to see if SB is capable of posting to my harvested URL list. The first blast went pretty well, with approximately 623 successful posts. Now here's the stumbling block! - yes, they were all do-follow (according to SB) open for comments, no captcha After the blast I closed Firefox (my default browser) cleared cookies, caches, etc, then proceeded to "Check Links" pointing SB at my list of successfully posted URL's - only 1 anchor links was found! Please can any experienced SB users perhaps tell me "why" and perhaps where Im going wrong? - Thank you in advance.