[Req] Finding Low Competition & Long Keywords

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    Aug 24, 2013
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    Hello All! Hope someone helps me finding low competition keywords for some websites. I have three websites related to :

    Buying followers, likes.. backlinks..etc
    One is about health, weight and also their products
    one is about pets store
    And another is about ladies store

    I had tried to use Adwords keyword planner, Keyword planner shows 42 monthly searches and when I hit that keyword in Google, it returns me some million results. So How should I find keywords which has low competition (easy to rank) and low results in Google. No problem with long keywords as they are easy to rank

    Provide me all types of suggestion which are possible, I am trying from almost 2 days with no results, I think I am missing something. It would be great if anyone gives me 3 keywords for each website; but I really like to learn how to do it.