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    I'm looking for a relatively simple bot to be made my requirements are as follows:

    1. Connect to email account specified
    2. Extract all email addresses from the to, from, body, and headers.
    3. Extract all website urls from to, from, body, and headers field.
    4. Output all emails to text file. [one per line]
    5. Output all domains to text file. [one per line]
    6. Ability to filter out certain domains and email addresses from certain domains.
    7. Show progress bar such as: "Now processing #X of #Y emails."
    8. Option to delete message after the data has been processed.
    9. This bot would ideally coded in VB.NET however, if you think there is a better language please say so.
    10. I require the full source code upon completion in addition to the compiled exe version.
    11. Platform should be designed to run on Windows Vista x64bit

    Please PM prices