[REQ] A way to turn a cookie into a bully ...

Discussion in 'General Programming Chat' started by OTrap, Oct 20, 2010.

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    I am NOT asking how to stuff cookies. The cookies I am placing are completely legitimate. What I AM asking is, is there a way to keep from getting ripped off.

    I recently ran into a less-than-scrupulous vendor on CB (not that they are all that rare) who overwrote my cookie in all his followup emails.

    It's not an unusual practice, and a lot of vendors do it, but this guy was sneaky. I talked to him about promoting, and I told him when I was going to (JV). I signed up for his newsletter, and I went through his AR, checking that all the links were still mine. They were.

    On the day my email campaign went out (about 2 weeks later), however, I signed up again, under a different email address.

    Lo and behold, he had changed the links so that they now had his affiliate ID in them.

    So, I got to thinking ...

    Is there a way to prevent a cookie from being overwritten, even if Clickbank is set up to have a new affiliate ID overwrite an old one?

    If there is a way, and someone is able to do it, I'd pay GOOD money for it.