"Reputed" "Trusted" "Legit" Members Really ?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by prab1996, Apr 14, 2014.

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    I Not wanted to post this , but the member just hurted me a lot and i wanted to post truth about him.

    The name of member "abhi007".Here is full story. He posted a negative reply on thread of uploadwolf ppd.
    (but later when owner asked him to remove it and he remove it)

    Then after some months he joined a cpa network scorpio media.
    (the affi-manager told him that he will get 5% of ever refer)

    He sent email/pm to Seopencil (owner of uploadwolf) and asked him to join that network. (but seopencil rejected it )

    Then he started abusing op in this uploadwolf thread (here)
    (every ppd network uses cpa networks to get offers and ever one know about it. seopencil never said that he gets offers only from direct advertisers and abhi007 posted that like op is a big lier )

    And after that abhi posted many negative posts on his thread. i tried to protect op because op wasn't doing any thing wrong.

    Because i protected op , abhi started abusing me by quoting all my posts ans saying that i am posting crap.
    (i replied him politely in every thread)

    Then after i seopencil posted on that http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...vate-ppd-network-post6760471.html#post6760471

    Now abhi sent me a pm to show that he is innocent. (replies ending with -=- are mine)
    i sent replied to him , i abused bhw administrators (sorry , but i did it just to get words out of his mouth )[​IMG][​IMG]
    He broked 3 rules
    Posted spam on a legit thread,abused two members. (me and seopencil)
    i posted this because it hurted me alot that how a "reputed" member can spam and abuse others just because he was unable to get 5% of someone's earnings.-=-
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    Either use the Sh*tlist, use the contact form or ignore it. The lounge isn't for petty arguments.
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