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    OK I have a couple keywords that need reputation management. The only negative links for the result are 2 blogs(wordpress and blogspot) that were posted several years ago by a competitor to smear a companies name. I've had inexperienced people do some reputation management on it but their results usually bump it from #2 to the end of the first page and then days later it just goes back to being in the top results. From my limited SEO experience I see all they are doing are cheap ineffective crap like link blasting. One of the times the person did 'negative seo' which actually just made the site better. It's not a big deal since it doesn't actually effect business, but it's very annoying on a personal level. The funny part is that there are a ton of other articles and such for the keywords, I just think the one guy that did negative SEO on the blogs for us dug it in to a good spot compared to the hundreds of other links.

    I need someone that can finally take care of this, for a reasonable charge. I can pay a small upfront fee to show my seriousness, but I will not pay a big fee until the job is actually successful. Everyone always seems to promise the world but doesn't deliver anything. I've been on here for a long time and you can check my feedback and I have no reason not to pay as you would hold the outcome of the keywords reputation in your hands afterwards. I just do not want to pay anymore unless the job is done. This should not be a problem if you are confident in your skills. I need REAL SEO here and not just link blasting. So that might mean not just optimizing already found links for the keywords but doing things like opening blogs and social media.

    If someone has the ability to just completely removing the 2 outdated old blogs somehow, I will pay good money to do this instead.

    PM me with your experience and offer.

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    Reporting them to wordpress/blogspot/google/bing for spam (for the old linkblasts), like they spam your page/blog continuesly, done by different peoples/accounts would be an idea, not that costly, so the pages may be gone and you don't need to outrank them.

    Wordpress won't remove for "defamation of your compay, describing negative experience with a business", but you tried that option most likely before.