Report: Does Paypal = NSA?

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    Interesting piece on Paypal's cooperating with the NSA and its front organizations. How they leaned on Wikileaks and Glenn Greenwald, and how the latter may have cut a deal with Paypal to not disclose documents exposing Paypal's relationship with the surveillance state. Watch for the chilling part where the Paypal co-founder says he wanted to work for the NSA:

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    Where does Max Levchin live? What's his address? Is he married? What's his/her wife's name? Any children? Where do they go to school? What kind of car does he drive? What color is it? What's his car's license plate number?

    Has he had any affairs? Is he a closet homosexual*?

    Who works for him? Are they disgruntled? Discriminated against? Treated unfairly?

    What's his medical condition? Any STD's? Who did he get them from? Did he give them to anyone?

    If he trusts the NSA et al so much with the personal details of everyone else's lives, then he won't mind if his own details are made public, in order to achieve a certain balance.

    And also, should it be discovered that the information that was supposed to be used for such vaunted "noble purposes" was actually used for self-serving reasons, we'll all know where to go with our torches, pitchforks, cans of gasoline and AK-47's. He seems to think that he and the NSA can do whatever they want to keep the public safe from terrorists, when he should be concerned about how he is going to remain safe from the people whose country he has betrayed.

    *the real reason why Washington DC had to legalize gay marriage and force it's adoption and acceptance into the United Socialist States of America. All of those details will eventually become documented and made publicly available, so making them socially acceptable 1st is a means of removing the loss of power that comes from exposure.