Replicas and Law Enforcement

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    Hello everyone. Selling replicas is illegal. Sometimes very illegal. You do NOT want to get caught selling replicas. It can be a felony.

    After much searching on the internet, I've noticed every arrest involving replicas that's been reported online involves a search warrant and a raid. Either the cops raid someone's vehicle and find a couple dozen handbags, they search someone's house and use all the handbags they find to build a case, they catch someone red handed signing for a hundred pairs of Air Jordans when the UPS truck shows up, etc.

    Does anyone have any knowledge or experience on this when it comes to drop shipping? Say you sell a whole bunch of replicas on Ebay, and they're all drop shipped. Can law enforcement find out your name from Ebay, and then use your Ebay selling records to build a case against you? Or do they actually have to catch you with the merchandise? And if an undercover agent buys several of your items and keeps them for evidence? Will that leave you in trouble, or do they need to actually catch the merchandise on you?

    I would be doing everything completely legitimate but I owe a lot of people a lot of money right now, and I'm in a bad place in life. I need to make some fast cash.
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