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    We do a lot of offline marketing including SEO, social media, web development, direct marketing etc. Up until recently we haven't done much in the area of reputation management except maybe pushing down a few negative reviews with good ones and some SEO. I recently had a customer approach me with a personal request, to make a long story short, he got into an altercation with his 17 year old son who came home intoxicated, the altercation got physical, nothing serious but the neighbors called the police and he was charged with domestic battery. Where we live, if the police are called and anyone has signs of a physical altercation, the police are compelled to make an arrest, with or without an actual complaint from either party.

    So it turns out this arrest has been picked up by the local newspaper police blotter. The arrest happened back in December of 2011 and his court date was in January of 2012, at which time the charges were dropped. But if anyone Googles his name, this arrest shows up on page one from the digital version of a local police blotter and on page 2 from another site that obviously got the feed from the first story. Question is, would it be the same process to simply do a bit of PR and Article marketing, using his name as the keyword to push the old information down to page 5 or higher? Does any one have experience doing reputation management on a person as opposed to a business? What works the best and what can be charged for this? He's not a business but he has money and obviously his reputation is important to him.

    Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks! CB
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    Pretty much well just make some wordpress blogs and whatnot and other sites as you would with any other seo. Since his nam eis hardly going to be competitive just get some exact match domains like 3-4 and then do blog posts etc.
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